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e*thirteen components is proud to release the XCX, a chain retention system literally years in the making. Like all e*thirteen products, the XCX has been proven at the highest levels of competition right out of the gate. Having won the Men’s Elite Silver medal in the 2009 UCI World Championship Cross Country race the XCX is the first chain retention system in the world to podium at a international World Cup XC event.

The brainchild of World Cup mechanic and now Worldwide Sales Director Jonas Mikolayunas, the XCX has been used by friends and employees of e*thirteen since 2004. Racing and rider feedback is of top importance to e*thirteen, and in 2005, e*thirteen introduced the XCX to top World Cup CX and XC riders. Unfortunately, the XCX was a bit ahead of its time. Many professional riders weren’t quite ready for the idea, so the product was shelved until a time that perceptions had changed. The recent emergence of the wide-range ten speed cassette has allowed XC races and riders to drop weight by using only a middle ring. The time for the XCX is now. Several riders, including Subaru/Gary Fisher rider Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski trusted his race run at World’s with the XCX. JHK said of the product’s performance, “The e*13 XCX chainguide worked flawlessly the first time out. I didn’t have a single chain skip or issue the entire week.”

Product highlights:

Ø Extremely light at 56 grams!

Ø 1.5 mm backplate spacing with provided 0.5 mm spacers allows perfect setup

Ø World Championship gold medal–proven top slider design

Ø Gear range of 32T– 42T, low enough for the steep Mont Saint Anne XC climbs and high enough to win the Glouchester cyclocross!

Ø Available in black or white

Ø Made in the USA!!!

Ø Recession proof, affordable $49.95 MSRP


source: Wendy Booher


  • Anonymous says:

    WOW – that looks EXACTLY like my MRP 1.x chain guide…coinsidence?

    While I respect DW, if they started development 5 years ago and are just now coming to market with something so simple…

    I wouldn’t comment except they have this release like they just split an atom and an identical product is already on the market.

  • Anonymous says:

    BB mount? That’s useless with the growing popularity of BB30… Wont fit my XC or CX bikes, give us a seat tube mounted option!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow the chain guide won the race all by its self? That must have been disappointing for the cyclists who wasted all their time pedaling when they could have just used a chain guide. I guess that also answers my question over whether or not one must be human to enter the race. I think I’ll enter my rear tire in the race next year. It’s pretty fast actually.

  • Anonymous says:

    First world cup podium? Kabush won the Bromont World Cup XC on the MRP 1.x back in August (www.velonews.com/photo/96298).

  • Anonymous says:

    i think the “time is now” translates to “crap we dropped the ball cuz MRP has theirs out!”. wonder if they’d been riding around on theirs since 2004.

    gotta agree with JT’s post…split an atom…oh snap! I think some gal named Meitner did that first already too back in the day. I guess whoever MRPs brainchild is has got a quicker snap at the gate.

  • Anonymous says:

    I cut the bottom off my Gammut years ago to do this. I didnt realize I should be working for NASA. Anyway Im glad its US made and it may have takes some time to to come to market but at least they are building stuff thats not just for the masses.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think that this is an awesome product. It’s no secret in downhill that most other chain guide brands are heavily inspired by e13. If they are putting this out now rather than years ago, then there must be a reason, and if it has the e13 name on it, history has proven that the product will be the best in the segment. USA made? What’s not to like!

  • Anonymous says:

    “If they are putting this out now rather than years ago, then there must be a reason”

    Um..yah, Daniel. Because of MRP. Why did Kabush ride an MRP in Bromont if Maxxis is sponsored by e13?

  • Anonymous says:

    Cheetaj22, I actually called e13 yesterday about the XCX and asked that question.

    Nothing having to do with the XCX, but it’s amazing what you can learn by just picking up the phone, it’s nice to chat with someone real once in a while and get the real deal. Sometimes it seems so easy just to use electronic means in this digital age!

    They said that back in 2005, when the LG1 was a prototype and being raced by DH racers, Jonas (was the world cup mechanic for e13 now is sales manager) talked to several teams about running the original design (carbon backplate with the older generation LG1 slider). People just weren’t into it yet for whatever reason. They told me that with the advent of the 10 speed rear cassette, the product has become more viable for every day riders rather than just top pros, so they decidecd to give it a shot. RE: Kabush,apparently the mechanic didn’t have time to put the XCX on Kabush’s bike for Bromont, but you are right, hpe’s an de13 sponsored rider and he is running the XCX now. Also they didn’t have a contract with Julien Absalon for Worlds, so they didn’t want to use his name in press releases without his permission, but I’m assuming that’s all set for the future also.

    A couple other notes that I’d point out on comments, if MRP didn’t copy e13’s LG1 design, they never would have had the top slider to make their guide. Absalon ran a seat tube mount version of the XCX at Worlds, there were pictures of it on cyclingnews XC Worlds coverage. You guys are right, e13 is slow to get new products out usually, but despite that they have a history of being one of the most innovative and imitated companies in cycling. Maybe their slowness helps and hurts at the same time..? If you are too far ahead of the curve that’s not good, and if you are behind, that’s not good either..

    I wish e*thirteen would come out with more stuff and more quickly. When those guys make something, it’s usually awesome, but it would be great to see more!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think your local used car dealer would love for you to call them, too.

  • Anonymous says:

    Geez Daniel, wake up. After they shared all that with you did you ask about their plans for cold fusion? What about curing cancer? Just by reading what they post on mtbr and rm its so obvious they have this need to be perceived as the only innovator in their chainguides and will got to great lengths to make up things which can’t be proved. They claim MRP took their lg1 idea yet MRP has the patent. They claim they were the first to do an XC guide yet MRP had had it out first. They claim they have a patent on a flexible bash yet Gamut had one out before anybody. Hell some of their new stuff is basically Gamut’s old stuff. They claim they have some special patented tuffmax plastic yet there’s no proof. Ask any hardcore XC rider and they’ll tell they have seen all sorts of homegrown versions of their own XC guides before e13 had anything out. You way want to look down when you walk, because you’re shoes are covered in BS. Watch where you step.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would bet my house that this guy above works for mrp. Who else would care that much about a changuide. OK, so e13 has a guide and mrp guys are scared, who cares! More parts, more competition, it’s all good to me. Whatever works the best when I am riding is all that matters. Get out and ride your bike, stress out less about the parts on your bike dude!

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