Eurobike 2015: SKS shows new pumps, fenders and other smart accessories

Cool colors, pumps for big volume tires, smart touchscreen holder among highlights

Eurobike Gear

Eurobike Mtbr

SKS Airboy (left) minipump in red and the Airboy XL (right) minipump in green.

SKS Airboy (left) minipump in red and the Airboy XL (right) minipump in green (click to enlarge).

Cool Colors for Airboy and Airboy XL Pumps

The popular double chamber Airboy and Airboy XL mini pumps now come in bright colors. Along with the traditional black, they’re available in green, blue and red. The Airboy XL is intended for the higher volume tires.

The gauge of the SKS Big Wheel floor pump.

The gauge of the SKS Big Wheel floor pump (click to enlarge).

Big Wheel Floor Pump

This floor pump is a dedicated fat bike tire pump, with a large diameter barrel and an adapted big pressure gauge with pressures up to 23psi/1.6 bar. The pump has a multi-valve head with thumb lock lever.

Air-X-Press 8.0 and Airworx 10.0 Floor Pumps

The Air-X-Press got a facelift. The lightweight plastic floor pump is 50mm longer and is suited for inflation up to 116psi/8.0 bar. Both the Air-X-Press and the Airworx 10.0 pump’s bases have been redesigned. The Airworx 10.0 pump has a metal barrel and base. It is available in silver and orange.

SKS Smartboy – the device holder can be separated from the base.

SKS Smartboy – the device holder can be separated from the base (click to enlarge).

Smartboy Touchscreen Device Holder

This mount allows you to fit your smart phone to your handlebar in seconds. The supplied plastic case keeps your device dry and in reach. It also features a transparent touch window so you can operate your touchscreen.

Anywhere Bottle Cage

Want to be able to carry more water bottles but your frame doesn’t allow it? The Anywhere bottle cage can be mounted on any tube with Velco strips. Available with or without top cage. The straps are suited for outer diameters from 50-80mm, but a shorter strap set is included, so you can also mount the adapter to your seat post.

SKS Anywhere (left) bottle cage and the SKS Flap Guard (right).

SKS Anywhere (left) bottle cage and the SKS Flap Guard (right). (click to enlarge)

Flap Guard Minimalist Mud Guard

This light weight 45g mud guard protects your face and the fork seals from mud and water. It is made of flexible material and fits most 26”, 27.5” and 29” front forks or rear side of your bike. The mud guard is fixed with the included zip ties.

SKS Fatboard front fender.

SKS Fatboard front fender (click to enlarge).

Fatboard Fenders for Fat Bikes

The larger the tires, the more muck flying around. With the Fatboard Set you mount one mud guard under the down tube and the other to the seat post. The latter has a two-hinge arm that allows for adjustability to the geometry of your bike.

SKS Fatboard rear fender.

SKS Fatboard rear fender (click to enlarge).

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This article is part of Mtbr’s coverage of the 2015 Eurobike trade show in Freidrichschafen, Germany. For more from Eurobike CLICK HERE.

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