Eurobike 2015: Hope unveils cassette, lights, seatpost and more

British bike parts maker's portfolio expands in multiple exciting directions

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The new Pro 4 hub.

The new Pro 4 hub (click to enlarge).

Pro 4 hubs

As a direct development of the successful Pro 2 EVO hub, the Hope Pro 4 hubs bare a lot of attention to detail. The freewheel now has a 44 tooth ratchet mechanism which provides a 10% quicker hub engagement over the Pro 2 EVO. The flange diameter has been increased, adding more stiffness to larger wheel builds – even with non Boost with hubs. The new Shimano compatible freehub will be prepared to accept 11 speed cassettes. A lot of effort has been spent to guarantee compatibility, both on axle, but also on freehub possibilities. You can switch between the different conversions without needing complicated tools.

This spiderless chainring has been adapted to the more outboard placed chain line of a Boost drivetrain.

This spiderless chainring has been adapted to the more outboard placed chain line of a Boost drivetrain (click to enlarge).


Specific hub shells are available for this wider standards, but there’s also the possibility to convert an existing hub with disc spacers and endcaps. Since the drivetrain is moved 3 mm to the right, boost specific spiderless chainrings and spiders are needed. The chainrings are Hope crank specific and available in 28, 30, 32, 34 and 36T.

The finalized high range cassette is split into a steel (smaller sprockets) and an aluminum part (larger sprockets).

The finalized high range cassette is split into a steel (smaller sprockets) and an aluminum part (larger sprockets). (click to enlarge)

High range cassette

Finally available as from January 2016, the new Hope cassette offers 10 or 11 speed gear ranges. The smaller 7 speeds are made out of a one piece hardened stainless steel cluster (which is the same as the short DH cassette). Depending on being 10 or 11 speed, the larger 3 or 4 sprockets are made out of a one piece aluminum billet. The steel cassette should last longer, as you can replace the aluminum sprockets. Sizes: 10-40 10 speed (250g), 10-40 11 speed (273g) and an impressive 10-44 11 speed (284g). All versions are claimed to have 20% ratio changes.

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About the author: Jeroen Tiggelman

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  • Chris I says:

    Liking this. Will Hope be developing its own chain as well to go with the NW rings and new cassette?

  • Natalia says:

    Would love to see more information about the hub conversion spacers and end-caps from non-boost to boost. I wonder if the 3mm variance in the cassette placement will be a big issue, especially with 3.0 inch tires. Maybe they’ll solve it with a new freehub body and offset lockring.

  • KWL says:

    Hope seriously needs to improve the durability of their hubs. I had one completely blow up after less than a year of use. I know others that had the same thing happen. I’ll never touch another Hope Hub until it has been demonstrated its reliability.

    • lkspoke says:

      How did your hub “Blow up” ? Was it bearing issues, or freehub body issues?? I ask as I have used (abused) a set for over 2 years and have had no issues. I ride mostly single track in the mid-west that is semi aggressive terrain.

  • Rob says:

    Really looking forward this wide 10 speed cassette. The weight is perfect — much less than SunRace, and comparable to Praxis.

  • Leroy says:

    I have had 3 sets of Hope Pro EVO Hubs with only One issue on each set. I cracked the aluminum cassette body and had to start using the steel ones. Otherwise the hubs have been bombproof, even riding in mud, creeks, etc. And I’m an aggressive 220 lbs rider. For the price you can’t beat their hubs in my opinion.

  • kenjoh says:

    Hope hubs do not blow up, been using their hubs for 15 years, never had any failure despite some very punishing runs in the Alps, Italy, on mostly downhill-enduro trails.Totally bombproof.

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