Eurobike 2015: Magura Coach display for Vyron Dropper and eLect Suspension

Magura designs a status display and controller for their wireless system

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The Magura Coach displays your suspension status but can show you so much more.

The Magura Coach displays your suspension status but can show you so much more (click to enlarge).

Magura showed a prototype of the Coach โ€” a display to connect and to show values like battery status of their electronic components (including their new Vyron dropper post), lock status of fork and damper, but there’s more. Expecting an early batch half of november and a second batch somewhere end of january, this display can show values of all kinds of ANT+ sensors. Through an app on your smartphone you can configure what will be displayed and you can even couple with your favorite exercise apps like Strava, Garmin Connect et cetera. The image shows battery levels of fork and damper โ€” arrows right from the small icons on the left of the display would indicate the lock status of your suspension. Even though the Magura eLECT suspension is set up to work automatically, there was a demand for visual feedback โ€” maybe just for peace of mind, but according to Magura, enough riders prefer to be able to see on some kind of display that their suspension is locked or not.

The Coach is an integral part of Magura’s wireless effort to control key components of the bike. Recently released is the Magura Vyron dropper post which is a 150mm dropper post that features a wireless design. Gone are the pesky external or internal wires that always seem to give problems in a dropper post system. The Coach will be able to control the dropper post with the press of a button.

One charge of the Vyron is good for about 400 actuations.

One charge of the Vyron is good for about 400 actuations.

Continue to page 2 to learn about the Magura ELect wireless suspension system designed to work with the Coach Display ยป

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  • ggg says:

    Seems like an overly simplistic approach based on fork angle that doesn’t make total sense.
    Climbing a rough steep trail and the damper is locked or am I missing the marketing ?
    Sensors detecting an impact then opening/closing dampers electronically like Fox iCTD is the way to go.

  • ggg says:

    Correction: meant Fox Live Valve Active Suspension … and not iCTD.

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