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Magura introduces the most revolutionary dropper post to date

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It uses a micro USB port to get a full charge in 3 hours.

It uses a micro USB port to get a full charge in 3 hours.

Magura delivered the first bombshell product of Eurobike by introducing a product that everyone has been clamoring for, a wireless dropper post. They aim to deliver the post by November 2015 for a price of $460.

They’re hitting all the marks with a quick delivery date and a price that is reasonable. Most dropper posts today are in the $400+ range and they have no electronics whatsover.

Crowds gathered by the Magura Eurobike booth.

Crowds gathered by the Magura Eurobike booth.

Weight is is right on the mark too at 595 grams with an awesome drop height of 150mm. Most folks do not believe they need that much drop but riding styles are indeed changing and this much drop will be the norm in the next five years we believe.

One charge of the Vyron is good for about 400 actuations.

One charge of the Vyron is good for about 400 actuations.

This is all made possible by Magura’s work on the eLect fork and rear shock system. They have been perfecting their wireless, motor and battery technologies. We’ve been using the eLect forks for the last few months and operation has been flawless. One novel feature is the fork and in this case the post has an accelerometer so it turns itself on and off without the need for a switch. It is instantaneous and seemless. One can turn off the accelerometer off to save even more battery but this seems unnecessary unless the bike is being stored for a long time.

Aside from stating the obvious that we like the fact that it requires absolutely no wires or cables, here’s our take:

What we like
What we don’t like
  • Price and weight are reasonable at $460 and 595 grams
  • There is an actuation delay of about 1-1.5 seconds while the valve opens and closes
  • First to market and availability date in late 2015
  • Switch is looks a bit dated
  • Two bolt head and no offset post are proven and reliable
  • Not all frames can fit 150mm drop and there are no options to limit the travel.
  • 150mm drop is very progressive
    • 207 mm required exposed post to rails is quite efficient for a 150mm drop post
      • Firm feel and little play on the saddle

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        • SuperficialDorkOnBike says:

          I like the innovation.

          1.5 second actuation time is too long. You pull into a rock garden, you want it down right then.

        • Don says:

          Agreed. 1.5s is like forever when you come around a corner and see a big drop, or gnarly descent. Also no weight benefit.

          The big pain of switching a post between bikes is having to readjust the seat to account for different seat tube angles. Cutting and replacing a few zip-ties for a cable is no big deal compared to that.

        • Don says:

          Bring back the Wotan, and then we’ll talk, Magura.

        • Kevin Keller says:

          $460 is reasonable? That’s ridiculous.

        • Tony Lapinskas says:

          My two year old, $129.00 KS e-ten has been going up and down as needed and has no time delay. Hey Magura, see if you can match that.

        • Adyx says:

          I own a reverb I it changed the way I ride my front-suspended 29er. I hope someone (SRAM?) makes a retro-fit kit to get rid of the hydraulic control. With a 2X10 setup and a remote fork lock I have 6 cables from the handlebar to the frame. That’s too much and I would really like to eliminate them all. And yes 1.5 secs is way too much when you are riding.

        • Rob says:

          this is fantastic! brilliant innovation.

        • Smart John says:

          Yes… 1.5 sec is too fast, at least to the the guys that wives says the same thing!

        • Cristian says:

          I own a Thompson Elite Covert…it works like a charm…do delays…

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