Eurobike: 10 head-turning fatbikes (and one crank) from Eurobike

Big wheelers are so phat yet so slimming

Eurobike Fat Bike

Eurobike Mtbr

Eurobike Scott Big Ed

Scott Big Ed

Liveried with bright blue and green highlights, Scott’s matte black Big Ed turned a lot of heads during Eurobike’s Demo Day.

Eurobike Haibike Fat Six

Haibike Fat Six

Haibike’s Bosch-powered Fat Six combines fat tires and electric power with a RockShox Bluto fork.

Eurobike Silverback Fatty Double-Scoop

Silverback Fatty Double Scoop

Since this Silverback fatbike is named for ice cream dosage, we figure this yellow one must taste like lemon.

Eurobike Stevens Mobster

Stevens Mobster

German brand Stevens brought their oddly named Mobster fatbike to the Eurobike party. Do they think mobsters are fat? And Funny? Funny like a clown?

Eurobike Race Face Turbine Fat Spindle

Race Face Fatbike Crank Spindles

Race Face showed their newish Turbine crankset equipped with a fatbike spindle. The company has made a variety of spindles for their modular Turbine, SixC and Next SL cranksets, allowing them to be configured for almost any bottom bracket width, standard or fat.

Eurobike Univega Impulse

Univega Impulse

Univega’s Impulse electric fatbike looks like something out of Mad Max.

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About the author: Don Palermini

Chicago-born Don Palermini became a cycling-based life-form in the sixth grade after completing a family road bike tour of his home state. Three years later he bought his first mountain bike to help mitigate the city's pothole-strewn streets, and began exploring the region's unpaved roads and trails. Those rides sparked a much larger journey which includes all manner of bike racing, commuting, on- and off-road bike advocacy, and a 20-plus-year marketing career in the cycling industry that landed him at his current gig with Santa Cruz bicycles. Now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, his four favorite words in the English language are "breakfast served all day," together in that order.

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  • Rick says:

    I’m shocked that electric bikes are getting any attention in the mountain biking press. Does this sort of bother anyone else?

    • Geoff says:

      I think it’s great that people are exploring new ways to enjoy two-wheeled transportation. I seem to remember people saying the same things about mountain bikes 25 years ago. If an e-drive system makes it possible for a 70 year old to keep riding for a few more years, how can you not think that is totally awesome?

  • says:

    Uitmelken gelijk een koe…..
    Want die 29 en 650 koeien zijn al leeg.

  • Erik says:

    Rick, I think coverage of electric *mountain* bikes is heresy unless it’s to say that they don’t belong on trails. The battle to gain and keep the right to ride trails is not over and ebikes will only hurt the cause.

    If you want an electric city bike, fine, you are only cheating yourself of exercise. But don’t ruin trail access for others.

    And I will boycott any brand that sells electric MTB. Scott and Felt take note. I hope the market punishes you!

  • Shane says:

    Well said, Eric. Agree 100%

  • Sean says:

    @Geoff, my father in law is 70. He can’t keep up with me through technical sections, but he pedals just fine without batteries and a motor. Our last ride was 27 miles! If we use e-bikes as a crutch soon we will have all terrain motorized wheelchairs because mountain biking is too hard, just like walking the aisles at Walmart…

    @Erik, I agree. Make e-bikes all you want, but don’t even market them as trail bikes. In fact, I don’t even like them being called “e-bikes”. They have a MOTOR, they should be “lightweight MOTORbikes”, which are allowed offroad only on trails for MOTORized vehicles like motorcycles, ATV’s, 4×4’s, etc.

  • Rich says:

    Excuse me all you elitist riders, but after studying the market and reading reviews on the internet, I believe everything is worthy of a study…
    Nevertheless, I get the point which you guys are making and agree with you where trail riding is concerned.
    Perhaps This issue of ebikes ( strange name anyway! ) will better on another forum…
    Now to get on my steed, ibis mojo HD. Where no e power will ever be needed!
    Enough said

  • Joe Stephenson says:

    I understand how some of the young, healthy respondents have such negative about ebikes and those who might chose to use them. I am now 74 years old and my body is pretty banged up: one total knee replacement, Two back surgeries, one of which failed and left me with chronic pain. I can no longer run. It might mean a lot to me one day if an ebike allowed me to keep going for a few more years.

    Some of you nay sayers may change your attitudes when you get old and beat up–if you still ride when in your 60’s and 70’s. I think some of the concerns that you folks voice seem to me to be capable of easy solutions. Let’s be inclusive and not exclusive. If you want to keep trails open it may help to have the broadest user base possible.
    Joe Stephenson

  • jw says:

    E-bikes on trails will be up to the land owners… E-bikes seem an outstanding option for commuters and other cyclists of various motivations…getting peeps on bikes and (almost) anything to remove more cars/trucks from the roads, easing dependence on fossil fuels should be viewed as a positive. If you object to the concept of e-bikes, your spandex is too tight.

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