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Exposure MaXx D Review

Light Price Claimed Lumens Runtime Battery Type Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight Lumens per gram Lumens per dollar
Exposure MaXx D $399 960 3:10 Lithium Ion 306 n/a 326 2.94 2.41

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.


The MaXx series of lights is a set of self-contained light systems from Exposure Lights in the UK. The Enduro has three LEDs and the Race MaXx has two. Both share the same case which about the size of two D-Cell batteries. The machining is impeccable and the laser etching is both attractive and informative. These lights set out to achieve a compact package, light weight, long run-time and a bright, clear beam pattern.

For 2009, Exposure stepped it up and added a 4-LED light called the MaXx D. It is slightly bigger than the Enduro MaXx but it shares the same run-time  values of 3 hours on full power.  The brightness rating is up to 960 lumens now.

Light Head Close ups:

Mounting Options:

The MaXx D is mounted on the handlebar using a neat little cleat system shared with the Enduro and the Race MaXx.  It is very small and light at 20 grams. And it allows for left to right a up/down adjustments. It is perhaps the most innovative handlebar light mount available today. The only downside is the handlebar mount is a bit sharp when there is no light attached to it.


  • It is now quite wide and very bright.
  • machining and craftsmanship are first-rate
  • Convenience of a self-contained, no wires system
  • Very light for the amount of light it puts out
  • Nice beam pattern with no hot spot
  • 3+ hour is very impressive for it’s size
  • Handlebar mount is very slick and removing the light when not in use is very simple
  • Piggyback external battery option makes the system very flexible
  • It is just an impressive flashlight to carry around.
  • very nice carrying case


  • Charging is slow at 15 hours to get a full charge
  • Handlebar mount is a bit sharp when no lights are connected

Bottom Line:

Last year, we complained that the on/off switch was a bit difficult to operate. The new switch is now perfect.  We also mentioned that the Enduro MaXx was pricey at $450.  Well, the MaXx D is a bigger, better light and a lot better value at $399.  Finally, we wished for a wider beam pattern. That was answered too by this light.  It does seem like Exposure is listening to us to provide the best product.

So we are very pleased with the MaXx D. It is the slickest light system in terms of quality and form factor. Our minor complaints have been addressed. And now the light quality is very bright and wide for even high speed applications.

The MaXx D is not the brightest light in our bin of world-class lights. But because of it’s design and convenience, I find it’s the light that I ride with most often. Mated with the Joystick MaXx on the helmet, this system disappears and let’s the rider enjoy the riding experience to the fullest.

Beam Pattern Photos:

Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

Value Rating:

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

4.75 out of 5 Stars

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