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Light Price Claimed Lux Measured Lux Run time Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight
Exposure Six Pack $600 1800 146 3:00 470 0 498

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.

Light Meter Measurements:

The lux measurement of 146 lumens is world class. This compares well to the Lupine Betty II at 158 lux and the Light and Motion Seca 1400 at 110 lux


  • extremely bright
  • self contained
  • 3 hour run time


  • 24 hour charge time
  • light head is too big and gets in the way
  • mounting unit is too small for this light
  • beam pattern is not wide enough for the light output

Bottom Line:

This is a fun,  styling exercise. It answers the question ‘What if we put all these LEDs and batteries into a single self-contained unit?’  The result is oohs and aahs.

Unfortunately, in terms of useability, this is really not a great light with it’s huge head, narrow pattern for 1800 lumens and 24 hour charging time.

The cyclist is much, much better off getting two Toros for the handlebar or getting  a Toro for the bar and a Diablo for the helmet for the same amount of money.

But like the Bugatti Veyron, we still appreciate that they produced this ‘light cannon’ just because we take comfort in the fact that exotic products exist.

Beam Pattern Photos:



Beam Pattern and side by side comparison page available here.


Value Rating:

4 out of 5 Stars



Overall Rating:

3 out of 5 Stars



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Mtbr Lights Shootout Main PageMtbr Lights ReviewsMtbr Lights Forum

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  • woodyak says:

    Nice review. My buddy just picked up this light because he has terrible eyesight and the 700 to 900 lumen headlamps weren’t cutting it for him. He had the same things to say about the light as a bar light. He went ahead and created a mount for his helmet and runs it that way. It’s a bit bulky but it’s surprisingly not that bad. I put on his helmet and it wasn’t that heavy either. The amount of light for a helmet light is stunning. It feels like a car is coming behind me when he comes up behind me. It makes my Diablo look like a penlight!

  • Francois says:

    wow! We need a photo of this used as a helmet light!!! How is it mounted?

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