Factory KHS signs Heath and Carney for 2010


KHS Factory Racing signs 2009 Pro GRT Tour winner, Chris Heath and 2009 Junior US Worlds rider, Blake Carney

KHS Headquarters – Rancho Dominguez, California

For Immediate Release:

KHS Factory Racing is proud to confirm the addition of the inaugural winner of  USA Cycling’s Pro GRT Tour – Chris Heath (Durango, CO) along with Junior 4x Specialist – Blake Carney (Camarillo, CA)


When asked  how he felt about teaming up with KHS, Heath’s response was, “I feel privileged to be joining such a successful team, which has been a permanent fixture on the U.S. scene for a long time. I cant wait to add to KHS’s winning ways!”

Age: 26

Chris is currently on a hiatus from a 2 year college stint. He is focusing on racing and aspires to be a Champion.

Years Racing

DH –  5 years

Racing Disciplines

Downhill, Dual Slalom & 4X

My objective is to defend my Pro GRT Tour Title and capture a Top 5 at National Champs. I also want to be in contention to win every race I enter!

DH Race Results for 2009

9/2009 Sol Survivor – MSC#7 – PRO DH – 2ND

8/2009 Whiteface 4th Annual 5K Downhill Pro GRT – PRO DH – 6th

8/2009 Kenda Cup / Yankee Clipper Pro GRT – PRO DH – 4th

8/2009 Blast the Mass MSC#5 – Pro 4x – 15th

8/2009 Sugarbush Gravity East – PRO DH – 1st

7/2009 U.S. National Championships, CO –  PRO DH – 64th

6/2009 Wildflower Rush – MSC#4 –  PRO DH – 7th

5/2009 MSC Angel Fire, NM –  UCI DH – 1st

5/2009 Fluidride Cup #2 -Pro GRT # 1 – PRO DH – 14th

2/2009 Mob N Mojave Downhill – PRO DH – 9th


When asked the same question, Carney also responded positively with… “Joining such an amazing and established team is an honor. I am stoked to become a part of this family, and ready to step it up and show everyone what I can accomplish with great support!”

Age: 18

Graduated as an Honors Student with a 4.22 GPA. Currently a Freshman at California Lutheran University majoring in Exercise Science and Sports medicine on an academic scholarship.

Years Racing

BMX – 14 years

4x –  5 years

Racing Disciplines

4X, Dual Slalom and Downhill

My objective is to become a dominant 4X competitor in the National and World Cup Series. Throughout the series of domestic races, I want to become faster and stronger and a more seasoned rider (which will bring the USA back into the forefront of international 4X racing). I am looking forward to resuming Downhill racing after a leg injury in 2007, which will also be good cross training for 4X and Dual Slalom.

4X Race Results for 2009

Current UCI World Ranking  – 4x – 23rd

9/2009 Australia World Championships – Pro/Elite 4x – 8th

8/2009 Bromont World Cup – Pro 4x – 15th

7/2009 Mont Sainte-Anne World Cup – Pro 4x – 13th

7/2009 U.S. National Championships Sol Vista, CO –  Pro 4x – 6th

5/2009 MSC Angel Fire, NM –  UCI 4x – 18th

3/2009 Fontana City National – Pro 4x – 2nd

1/2009 – 3/2009 Southridge Winter Series – 4x overall – 2nd

source: Quinton Spaulding

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