Fallbrook Technologies NuVinci N360 Drivetrain Continues Growth



Fallbrook Technologies Inc.’s NuVinci® N360™ Drivetrain Continues Growth in Commuter and Pedal-Assisted Bicycle Segments

New Quick Release System Introduced for Convenient Removal of N360 Equipped Rear Wheel

(San Diego, Calif. — March 14, 2011) – Fallbrook Technologies Inc.’s NuVinci® N360™ drivetrain was designed for both recreational bikes and Pedelecs, and offers a smooth shifting solution to the commuters worldwide.

A growing number of models from major US brands and the booming handmade bicycle scene are selecting theNuVinci N360, as urban lifestyle and everyday bikes are en vogue. Europe for decades has a tradition of commuting by bike, especially in the Benelux, Germanic and Scandinavian countries. And therefore the majority of bikes sold in these markets are classic City, Trekking, or new school “urban” bikes.

Pedal-assist bikes, (Pedelecs) saw double digit growth in all the main EU markets in 2010, with 150,000 sold in the Netherlands, 100,000 units in Germany, and more than 40,000 in Switzerland. All of these bicycle styles and markets reflect the potential for the NuVinci continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission system.

“Twenty-three bicycle brands are committed to NuVinci drive trains for the coming model year. Customers include many leading brands from established OEM‘s like Accell, ASI, Derby, Panther and many others. The N360 CVP was introduced in Spring 2009, and production is rapidly ramping up to meet demand,” said Alan M. Nordin, President of Fallbrook Technologies Inc.’s Bicycle Products Division.

Shifting performance, durability and versatility are some of the strongest arguments for the N360 drivetrain. NuVinci product manager Chris Vasiliotis explained: “Durability is an important point, especially for Pedelecs. The N360 CVP is tested to well over twice the torque any major Pedelec drivetrain can supply, and historically NuVinci drive trains have proved more durable than our competition.”

Another important feature is the ability to smoothly shift under these high torque levels. Vasiliotis said: “The NuVinci N360 CVP system is the only system that can shift under load, whether from a strong rider or combined with a Pedelec drivetrain. With the N360, shifting is no longer a penalty requiring the rider torque and motor assist to be reduced. This is an important user benefit especially for brands or models utilizing one of the middle motor suppliers like Bosch, Panasonic or Yamaha.”

Fallbrook’s Taipei Cycle (March 16-19) booth (Upper Hall – L1017) will feature all these players on display and offer a quick test ride on the ExtraEnergy test track.

On the technical side, a new Quick Release solution for the NuVinci N360 will be introduced at Taipei. “The Axle Release system is a simple and convenient way to remove the N360 wheel, quickly and easily,” said Vasiliotis. This accessory upgrade was developed by working closely with designers at Axle Release and offering a configuration specific to the NuVinci N360 CVP, and will be available as an OEM option or as a separate aftermarket kit.

About Fallbrook Technologies Inc.
Fallbrook Technologies Inc. is a technology and manufacturing company dedicated to improving the performance and flexibility of transmissions for vehicles and equipment. Fallbrook‘s NuVinci® continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology is applicable to machines that use a transmission such as bicycles, light electric vehicles, automobiles, agricultural equipment, and wind turbines, among others.

The NuVinci CVP uses a set of rotating and tilting balls positioned between the input and output components of a transmission. Tilting the balls changes their contact diameters and varies the speed ratio. The NuVinci platform offers companies the flexibility to design and produce next-generation products that are better tailored to their unique business, market and competitive requirements.

Fallbrook has built an extensive portfolio of over 375 patents and patent applications worldwide. To learn more about Fallbrook and its NuVinci technology, please visit www.fallbrooktech.com. Media Contacts are available at www.fallbrooktech.com/press.asp.


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  • Kris says:

    Stay away from N360, not worth the HEADACHES if in a COLD climate. Fallbrook will tell you how great this system is, but while questioning about the temps(-20’s to low teens). Their system is totally lacking the functioning degree, although they think its a MASTER piece. My winter time commuter went from 1hr 10min to 2hr 35min and then I also had to pedal COMPLETELY down a HILL I would normally coast all the way down!!! Let alone after that 16 mile commute, I felt as if I had just rode 100+ miles. All of my effort had been put into that one ride, as long as with my other 4 rides I had put on the N360 system. But come this spring, when the weather broke into the 60’s the N360 system was a NIGHT AND DAY difference. Times had improved, 19min for a 4mile ride compared to a 35 min for the same 4mile ride in the winter time. Did not take the N360 back on my 16mile commute because that is how unsatisfied I am with this system. Best way for me to describe this system from winter to spring is this. Like making a peanut butter sandwich without butter: the peanut better just tearing up the bread to nothing (for the winter months. Now during the spring time: there is butter between the bread and the peanut butter: the CVP is just sliding without anything getting Thick inside the hub. Which that doesn’t surprise me while talking to the Fallbrook after having my winter issues, I got this from some people at the company. When we put the hubs in the “Freezers at -20 the fluid inside the hub does get thick, but once you go outside and warm the bicycle up the fluid thins up” HELLO I am LUCKY TO GET TO A HIGH OF 20 for the day in the winter IF THAT HALF THE TIME. And I made sure to explain that to you LOVELY COMPANY!!!!!

    STAY AWAY FROM FALLBROOK, they don’t know what they heck they are talking about!!!

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