Faster. Lighter. Better. 2012 Avid – XX and XX World Cup


5.10.11 : Colorado Springs, CO The newly redesigned XX and XX World Cup incorporates race-proven technology and improved performance all while shaving off precious weight. XX is just as comfortable on the World Cup podium as it is on your Saturday trail ride. Join us in welcoming the new standard of lightweight power, control, and reliability to the AVID family.

With a complete overhaul of the internals, an updated TaperBore system and new forged aluminum caliper, XX ventures into the trail riding category while maintaining its cross country racing heritage.

The patented TaperBore closure system is experiencing a true evolution through refinement. We have developed a new bladder material, simplified the bleed port, and designed a new air-trap feature that makes the brake easier than ever to bleed.

  • All new internals with high volume reservoir
  • New Air-Trap Feature
  • New Forged Aluminum Caliper
  • New Forged Magnesium lever body
  • Non-CPS caliper for increased weight savings
  • New HSX rotor 140/160/180mm or HS1 140/160/180/200mm

With an industry leading strength to weight ratio, the 270 gram XX World Cup defines power and control in a lightweight package. Combining an updated TaperBore system, a new two-piece forged caliper, and oversized pistons, gives the rider more stopping power with less lever pull.

  • New two-piece forged magnesium caliper
  • Non-CPS caliper for increased weight savings
  • New HSX rotor 140/160/180mm

MatchMaker X allows mounting of brake levers, shifters, and hydraulic remote with a single handlebar clamp. The MMX clamp is compatible with Avid brakes from the newly redesigned XX and XX World Cup down to the new Elixir 9 and 7, with XX to X7 SRAM shifter and a RockShox XLoc or Reverb hydraulic remote.

Avid is unleashing brand new rotors and brackets for 2012. Utilizing cross-drilled technology, the lightweight HSX series of rotors stays cooler when your race/ride heats up and offers enhanced wet-weather performance.

  • New 20mm Increments
  • New Brackets
  • New Brake Track

XX: $404 / XXWC: $404

Availability July 2011

Source: Tyler Morland

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