Fastest Cycle Messengers in 2011 Crowned


N.Am. Messenger Champions Crowned, Will Ride KVA MS2 Frames Built by Alchemy

Escondido, California – North America’s fastest bicycle messengers, Christina Peck and Mason O’Neal, will soon be riding stainless steel bicycles, made of KVA Stainless’s(TM) award-winning MS2(TM) tubing built by handmade bicycle maker Alchemy Bicycle Company(TM), of Austin, Texas.

The speedy urban pedalers won these as the top prizes at the annual North American Cycle Courier Championships, held in Austin, Texas, June 7-9, 2011.

Women’s winner Christina Peck, of Chicago, said she made some mistakes in the qualifying round, in which she finished 37th, (7th woman), but she bounced back in the final – when it really mattered – to successfully defend her title and claim the handmade bicycle fame.

Christina said, “It’s an incredible prize for the NACCC, I’m really excited about it. I’m going to build up a geared ‘cross bike. It’s going to be my ultimate dream bike: a ‘cross bike that does everything I want.”

About her performance during the two days of racing that comprise the championship, she said, “I made some mistakes on day one. There were parties to go to, and maybe I wasn’t quite so well prepared for the race. But on day two I was better prepared. It went smoothly and it was a longer race, which I find usually goes better for me.”

Christina’s winning time in the final was 2:12:47

This is her fourth national championship, and she added a second women’s victory to the outright win she took in 2009.

Austin firefighter, and ex-cycle courier, Mason O’Neal, was permitted an entry to the event by virtue of his courier emeritus status. A cyclist with considerable experience, he too already has a plan for what his new MS2 custom bicycle, built by Alchemy, will be.

“I’ve done just about every kind of racing, and I’ve ridden just about every type of material but stainless, so I’m very excited about this. The people at Alchemy explained that the ride quality of MS2 tubing is really great: it’s responsive, comfortable, lightweight, so I’m looking forward to riding it. The bike is going to be a single-speed fixed gear, with geometry half way between road and track, with a couple of brake holes drilled. Something I could take to the Houston track and race, or throw some brakes on and do a fixed gear century. I have some track wheels with Phil Wood high flange hubs I think I’ll use. I’m going to build up something killer!”

He was quick to aquaint himself with the builders of his new frame, saying, “I didn’t know about Alchemy before the race, but a couple of days after, I went to their workshop and looked around. I was highly impressed.”

Mason may have surprised some of those present with his victory, but although his messenger skills are rusty, he went into the race knowing he was a contender. He said, “My main goal was just to qualify. A few years ago I was disappointed to miss the finals of the messengers’ world championships when I thought I could have qualified, so for me the first thing was getting to the finals.”

Once in the finals, did he expect that he could win it? “I’ve won a lot of bike races over the years, so I never count myself out. You got to have a bit of luck, some other riders had flats, but it all went well for me.”

KVA Stainless and MS2 are trademarks of KVA Stainless. Alchemy is the trademark of Alchemy Bicycle Company.

About KVA Stainless
Already proven and tested by KVA Stainless in other industries, notably automotive, patented KVA Stainless Martensitic stainless technology is now integrated into high performance bicycle tubing. KVA STAINLESS is located in Southern California, and is a privately owned company that provides innovative, high-strength Martensitic stainless steel processing technology and solutions to an industrial and consumer customer base. KVA specializes in first-rate research and development, high quality manufacturing standards, and uncompromising customer service.

KVA’s technical staff, with a combined 60 years of experience in thermal processing, metallurgy, automated welding, brazing and mechanical design, have developed numerous proprietary, patent-pending and patented thermal processing, joining and manufacturing methods for Martensitic stainless steels.

About Alchemy Bicycle Company
Alchemy is a bespoke bicycle company dedicated to the constant application of new material and design technologies to the handmade bicycle process. KVA’s MS2 technology represents a great step forward in material technologies that allow custom builders to offer their riders improved performance and durability. MS2 is now a standard material available from Alchemy’s line-up along with ti, carbon and cro-moly steel.

For more information about the 2012 NACCC visit the event’s FaceBook page

Source: Paul Skilbeck


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