Finish Line Sealant review

New tubeless sealant from lube kings Finish Line falls short

Finish Line Sealant

Finish Lines Sealant: A Kevlar mix that is claimed to repair or heal the tire carcass, leaving no mess and quick action.

What is it

Finish Line went all-in on its new tubeless tire sealant, promising an everlasting formula that won’t clog valves and will last the lifetime of the tire. Comprised of Kevlar strands with zero ammonia, Finish Lines sealant claimed to patch the tire carcass, stopping leaks through Kevlar, but does it?

Check out the exciting claims HERE.

  • Does not clog the valve
  • Easy to install
  • Did not work as claimed
  • Could not seal a 2mm slice
  • Messy when installing tube after failing to seal

Mtbr’s Take

When Finish Line dropped the news about its groundbreaking sealant, the cycling world was abuzz with wonder. Not having to deal with cleaning valve cores and checking declining sealant levels in tires; tubeless users rejoiced. Finish Line’s formula consists of a Kevlar mix that is claimed to repair or heal the tire carcass, leaving no mess and quick action. When a puncture happens, fibers rush into the wound and quickly stop air loss. Harnessing DuPont Kevlar fibers, FiberLink seals are said to be sturdy and flexible once they surround a leak. As the tire rotates and flexes while it’s ridden, the FiberLink mesh tightens and reinforces itself, creating an airtight seal that is said to last the life of the tire. Since there is no liquid latex or ammonia in Finish Line sealant, it’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe for carbon fiber rims.

Finish Line Sealant Directions

4-5 ounces of sealant is prescribed for a 29er tire, I went with 5-ish just incase.

Install of the Finish Line Sealant is similar to others on the market, except no shaking of the bottle is required. Particles are suspended in a fluid, evenly spaced throughout the tubeless liquid. I did have to cut the top of the applicator to inject the sealant via the valve core but all in all; painless and clean. From the bottle’s recommendation, I installed 5 ounces of Finish Line Tubeless Sealant; this amount is said to protect a 29-2.3 tire from punctures and flats. I used the Finish Line sealant with tires that I have personal experience with and have had success with other sealants and punctures. For this test I chose: Vittoria’s Mezcal 29-2.25 TNT-Casing and IRC Serac X-Guard Sand CX Tire 700-33; Tires with sturdy sidewalls and regular in my rotation.

Finish Line Sealant Hole

The cut, a less than 2 mm outer and less on the actual carcass would not seal.

My first flats were on the Vittoria Mezcal while riding rocky terrain. The cut, a less than 2mm puncture should have sealed while riding but did not. I found myself on the trail side going through multiple CO2 cartridges trying to help seal it. The leak would seal for a second or two, and then would break open, and I was flat again. After multiple attempts and massive air loss, I succumbed and went for the tube. Installing a tube after Finish Line sealant is a messy job and required the sacrifice of my gloves to ensure proper installation. Arriving home after my ride, I cleaned out the remaining Finish Line sealant and installed Orange Seal Endurance to see the difference; the puncture sealed and has yet to go flat.

Finish Line Sealant Aftermath

Things get slimy when putting a tube in after Finish Line Sealant.

The IRC Sand suffered a similar fate with a smaller “snake-bite” style puncture. After numerous attempts to seal the holes, a tube was installed in a messy, roadside battle.

Finish Line Sealant Weight

2 oz of Finish Line Sealant weighed in at 82 grams.

I had very high hopes for the Finish Line tubeless Sealant, but after testing and many flats, I’m not a believer. I like the idea of a Kevlar style sealant that will not clog valve cores and will last a lifetime of the tire, but I don’t believe this is it.

Rating: 2 out of 5 2 Flamin' Chili Peppers
Price: $15 for 8 oz bottle

More Info:

About the author: Jordan Villella

Jordan comes from the steep streets of Pittsburgh PA, where he learned to dodge cars and rip single track. He has been involved in nearly every aspect of the cycling industry: from turning wrenches, store design, clothing production and bike park creation. Jordan spends his free time racing cross country and cyclocross around North America, though he has been know to enduro every now and then. His love of cycling is only second to his love of his family and punk rock.

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  • Justin says:

    I wonder if an engineer somewhere is crying because they watered down his original creation to hit the $15 pricepoint. No way a company can make such bold claims and have such a garbage product. There must be a finish line sealant somewhere that never saw mass production that actually worked close to what they say. And I agree with the above comment that 2 peppers is too generous, what would you rate a tube that doesn’t hold air?

  • Mike says:

    Sh*tty chain lubes’ company gave us a sh*tty sealant. What a surprise…

  • Matt says:

    I have 110 rough trail miles so far with Finish Line in 27.5 x 3.0″ and no issues so far. Needed almost 2/3 of the liter bottle for both tires. Still a believer.

  • Plusbike Nerd says:

    Seemed to good to be true! I had it installed in my new bike and I’ve had no trouble. However, the real test of a sealant is how well it performs on an old worn-out tire. I was just hoping for something that was easier to clean up than the sticky gummy mess of Stan’s. Glad I didn’t switch all my bikes to it.

  • jeph says:

    Yeah,my LBS sold me a bottle w/ my new tire. Kinda was skeptical, he said he would refund me if I didn’t like it. so far no issues but only about 50 miles on it.
    BTW, it’s polypropylene glycol, You can drink it if you have to. So if your lost in Moab ….

  • BrianU says:

    For those that have used this with good results, have you had a puncture that was sealed by the Finish Line sealant?

  • Michael says:

    I have been using this sealant for about one month. My older back tire is a Maxxis Minon DHR. I do have a small 2mm cut in my sidewall. Two days after my last bike ride, there is still some oozing of liquid out of the cut, but the tire is holding pressure.

  • Will says:

    I put this in 2 maxxis 29 tires and picked up a goathead on the first ride. I pulled the goathead thinking it would seal as I rode. Within 2 miles tire goes flat, I pump it up again and it held and continues to hold a month later. Problem being any other sealant would have sealed the hole within a minute or less. Not very effective, much better options out there.

  • BK says:

    Really disappointing. There was a good pre-launch marketing campaign that got people excited about the prospect of it lasting longer, but the instructions suggesting about double the amount of sealant compared to other brands was needed raised a few eyebrows.

    A few early reports on the forums suggested it wasn’t working well with holes not sealing up on rides. This review confirms similar findings.

    Too bad. I bought into the hype and have a few bottles now. Looks like I’ll be needing to suck it out of the tires I placed it in and go back to Orange Seal Endurance for the time being.

  • David says:

    I bought into the pre-launch hype too. Today, riding my plus size 27.5 down water bars and rocks I suffered a puncture on my Maxxis Minion DHR. Sealant was spewing out. I could see the fibers attempting to seal it to no avail. Finally added in a bacon strip and that worked. Then I suffered a pinch flat and the sealant did nothing for that. Wasted 2 co2 cartridges and the tire still when flat. Got home and gave the sealant another chance, no success. I dumped the sealant (only plus is that it’s very easy to clean out) and threw Stans in. The Stans instantly plugged and sealed both the puncture and sidewall/bead pinch flat. Back to the tried and true.

  • YoMamma says:

    Sounds like they should include a free trash bag with every order so you can throw it away when you get it!

  • James says:

    Bought the large bottle thinking I would achieve sealant nirvana only to be disappointed and stuck with a lot of sealant. I think the problem here is that without latex this sealant relies on air pressure to seal. once the pressure dissipates, there’s nothing holding the sealant in place. Used this on WTB Resolute 42s on my gravel bike in the rocky pacific northwest gravel. punctured on the first ride and was really excited to watch this stuff work only to spend the whole ride adding air as it didn’t seal. Not only that, but i burped some air at the bead and it wouldn’t reseal at the bead either. I doubled down with more sealant only to find flat tires prior to rides and spend another two rides doing the add air dance. Went back to Orange seal which has been excellent and got another small puncture which sealed immediately and is still holding air weeks later.
    I really wanted this stuff to work and bought into all the hype after watching the promo video only to be disappointed and out 30 bucks. Anyone want to try it, i’ll send you the bottle because i’m not putting this nasty jizz in my tires anymore.

  • Steve says:

    I too bought some of this early on. Would not seal on two different rim/tire combinations that I had no problem in past with Stan’s. I just put the balance of the bottle into the lawn tractor tires.

  • John says:

    The jury is still out for me. I have converted four sets of tires that were easy and trouble free; and one set of new (not tubeless ready) LiteSkin Addix speed Schwalbe RaRa’s where the rear tire around the valve that wasn’t tight enough and was leaking on my first trail ride, but has since been holding strong. We will see how they hold up to punctures. So far, I am impressed but I don’t have significant tire damage or a ton of miles in yet. I think its cleaner and easier to work with than Stans. If it seals punctures on my tires, I’m not going back to Stans.

  • WhipSnap says:

    I had 500+ miles on a set of Maxxis Minion DHF and DHR II with the Finish Line sealant and it did really well for small goat head type punctures. I would see small “wet” spots where the puncture occurred with minimal pressure loss. I will say it wept through the sidewalls of those tires, but I suspect it may be a thing with the Maxxis tire construction.
    I switched over to my summer/XC racing tire setup this past weekend on a set of Vittoria Mezcals and suffered a 1/4-3/8″ cut near the center of the tread. Needless to say the bike and myself were covered in sealant splatter as the Finish Line product ultimately failed to seal. This was a fairly catastrophic and large cut so I’m not too surprised that it couldn’t seal.
    Ultimately, I’m not done with their product and will see how the reason of the season goes.

  • Dave Vollbach says:

    Hi Jordan.

    We’re sorry to hear about your experience with our sealant. Getting 2 pinch/sidewall punctures that wouldn’t seal in rapid succession sounds like some pretty bad luck. In our extensive and thorough testing our sealant performed at least as well as all of our competitors’ latex based offerings when sealing punctures.

    There are obviously many factors that can contribute to why any sealant will or will not successfully seal a puncture. I would love to get some more details about the specifics of your testing if you would like to respond to me off-line.

    -Dave from Finish Line.

  • Max says:

    I hate seeing such a negative review after seeing such a positive video review from another site. Makes me feel like I’m flipping channels between Fox and CNN. I’m hoping the Finishline works as I’ve switched over three bikes so far…

  • Dan says:

    I’m sorry but this review seems to be too biased, full of flaws and has too many unanswered questions. The fact the review itself doesn’t match the final score says a lot about it’s credibility. I myself have been using the sealant since it came out and have yet to get a flat….. and its easy to get a flat with the sharp coral rocks down here.

  • Sam says:

    This review could not be more wrong. I have been using this sealant for about
    a month now in my Surly Dirt Wizards (Not actually a tubeless tire) and have not had any issues.

    Further, this review is not very thorough. There are many factors here that we simply don’t know about. What PSI was being used? What rim model? What trail conditions? How specifically did the flat occur?

    The photo of the sidewall cut also shows the threads of the tire casing, usually an indication that the tire is dried out or worn out. Further, getting a snake bite style flat while running tubeless is no easy feat. I have bottomed out against my rims several times and never had this happen before.

    “Messy when installing tube after failing to seal” I am still waiting for a bottle of sealant that is magically clean to work with and doesn’t go everywhere.

    This review seems hasty, poorly detailed and is no surprise with all of the Stan’s advertising on this website. I think I’ll be going to back to Pink Bike for unbiased product reviews.

    10/10, will keep using Finish Line.

    • Dan says:

      Agree 100%. It seems the tester was riding at a much lower psi than any tire is intended to be ridden in. The sidewall cut / snake bite comment is also spot on. I also felt the “messy” comment sounded like it came from someone who has no experience setting up tubeless tires. News flash…. the product is supposed to be in liquid form and not dry out. If it got messy its because you were unable to manipulate your tire properly while removing it from the rim.

  • Dan says:

    And by the way….. that is not a 2mm slice on the picture above. Its much longer than that. I mean look at it… its almost the length of a knob.

  • alfman says:

    I had a screw puncture on a ride home and it sealed just fine.

  • metrotuneeeeeed says:

    New to tubeless after trying it unsuccessfully a long time ago. I had done 2 wheelsets (29×2.25, 2.35) with Schwalbe tires and then read this review and thought I had made a mistake. Then I had a tire that wouldn’t seal. If the tear is in the center of the tire where you roll over it every time, you will have sealant spray onto your seattube every once in a while. That said, even with 1 oz. it held air enough to get home (1hr ride). However, I had only put in 1oz of sealant when the bottle instructs 4-5oz for 29er tire. As soon as I put in 4oz, the tire sealed up and has maintained air. I’m going to try the sealant in 40c 700 gravel tires Maxxis Ramblers tubeless ready. I like that the sealant is water soluble and doesn’t need “topping off” or refilling (dried out boogers)… also, I recommend stan’s style packaging tape in yellow, blue colors rather than the Gorilla tape that ENVE chooses. That’s because gorilla tape is a PITA to remove with all the residue.

  • Kiteboardkid says:

    I bought a 240mm (8oz) bottle yesterday as I’ve been itching to try this new sealant. It is utterley useless!!! The tyre is a Schwalbe Furious Fred, which is a few years old and on my full rigid MTB. I removed the tyre and removed all the Stans latex that had been sealing well. I cleaned the tyre to point where there was no dried latex remaining on the inside of the tyre what so ever. Refitted and added half the bottle (120mm) of Finishline Sealant. Rolled it around and pumped up to 30psi to start with. I got it to seal eventually, put the wheel back on the bike and pumped up to 40psi, straight away it started to leak fast again. I managed to get it to seal again. repressurised to 40psi it leaked again. I repeated this several times, it kept leaking from small thorn holes (not around the rim). I tried ridding the bike and everything I would normally do when using latex. I have now inflated the tyre at least 15 times and every time the tyre leaks through a small thorn hole. I wouldn’t dare to try and ride the bike anywhere, I have absolutely NO confidence in this product what so ever! I will be demanding my £14.99 back when I go to the bike shop next. Stick to latex! I never had an issue with this same tyre with the same small holes whilst using latex.

  • RichinHantsUK says:

    Really interested to read all this negative comment. I have this sealant in my road bike (LBS said it was better than Stan’s) and I think it is fantastic. I heard a hissing yesterday about 5 miles into a 30 mile ride, it stopped after a couple of secs and that was it. I have never had a problem with it and I do get quite a few punctures. Just thinking about getting the mid fat out for a blast but I run the front tyre on the mid fat (Schawlbe Nobby Nic) at 17 psi, the road bike is about 80 (25c tyres and bad roads round here). So kinda thinking, Stan’s on the MTBs, Finish Line on the road bike.

  • Eric says:

    I bought two new bikes last year and requested the finish line sealant be installed in all four tires because of the claim of it holding up for the life of the tire. First timer to the tubeless world and having to clean out and replace sealant sounded like a pain in the butt. Went on a few good rides and the bikes have been hanging upside down in a cold garage all winter since with barely any pressure loss! Haven’t dealt with a puncture or flat yet so I can’t speak to its performance in that situation but as of now, I am still a fan of finish line!

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