First Look: Easton Haven and Race Face Turbine dropper post

A welcome new player enters the dropper post market

Optional trigger style levers are available for 1x drivetrains with no front shifter.

Optional trigger style levers are available for 1x drivetrains with no front shifter.

  • Internal cable routing Infinite-adjust
  • Quick Connector allows easy, tool-free disconnection
  • Remote uses standard shifter cable and housing
  • Universal thumb lever remote included
  • Functions properly below freezing – Suitable for winter riding
  • 1x Front shifter style lever available
  • Weight: 495g, *30.9 x 440 x 150mm w/o lever
  • Length: 350-, 375-, 415-, 440mm
  • Quill sizes: 30.9-, 31.6mm
  • Travel: 100-, 125-,150mm
  • Lever actuation: Mechanical
  • Head type: Zero Offset, two-bolt
  • Price: $469.99
9Point8 Internals shown here. The Easton post licenses this technology.

9Point8 Internals shown here. The Easton post licenses this technology.

Our impressions

We were very excited to hear about this announcement as we firmly believe that more players are needed in this category to drive innovation, reliability and to bring the price down.

The $470 price is very high indeed. Unless this post has features and reliability beyond the RockShox Reverb or the KS Lev, it will be very hard to compete. It is priced at a premium tier but it does not have the reputation or track record yet that users need to be comfortable for such a critical component.

The included lever is simple but it doesn’t really address the lever needs of 1×11, 1×10 users. Levers that mimic the absent left hand shifter are much more ergonomic. An optional lever is available but that will surely push the price of this post to the $500 mark. Bundling in both levers in the $470 package would be a great perk for consumers.

We are happy that they are using the 9point8 internals. There is a track record there and they are able to clean up the exterior and the lever ergonomics. This post however is much more expensive than the 9point8 which we’ve reviewed here.

We’re hopeful that this post will prove to be reliable and that Easton and Race Face can drive the price down as the economies of scale kick in and more models are introduced.

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About the author: Francis Cebedo

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  • SuperficialDorkOnBike says:

    So at $470, there are still few options under $400. Gravity Dropper leads the under $400 pack. Oddly enough, it’s one of the most reliable dropper posts out there. It’s major issue is that boot that makes it butt ugly. I love mine, and have since 2009…….as long as I don’t look at it.

  • bryan says:

    Hmmm, IMHO there are plenty of choices for dropper posts. And this one is one of the highest priced ones off the bat, so how is this supposed to bring prices down??? I thought I was going to read about something revolutionary and less expensive compared with the many other posts solidly established in the market. Yaaaaawn…

  • somewhere in ohio says:

    i get paid over 87 dollars per hour working from home and i still can’t afford that dropper seatpost, Maybe I need two jobs…

  • duder says:

    When you can purchase a Thomson Covert for under $400 with minimal internet shopping, hard to even consider anything else.

  • Don says:

    Heck, you can purchase a Reverb for about $325 with minimal searching. New.

    This is heavier, more expensive, and unproven. I’m not sure what the draw is? Perhaps the knee-poker remote?

  • Tony Lapinskas says:

    Sometimes big corps just get it wrong. Hey make a good, solid reliable $199.99 dropper post and sell thousands or be satisfied selling 35 of your way overpriced posts. Think that company needs fresh management.

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