First Look: Fezzari Timp Peak 27.5 Rallies with Carbon, Custom Build and Value

27.5 All Mountain Trail Pro Reviews

Fezzari Timp Peak Carbon Rocker.

On with the Bike

The bike is dialed!!! Perfect bar and stem length. And it has the ultimate combination of SRAM drivetrain and Shimano brakes. None of the most expensive stuff too as this is setup with SRAM XO and Shimano XT. Sure we could have spent a few more hundreds for the next level but the performance and weight difference is absolutely undetectable.

Fezzari Timp Peak Left Hand Dropper Post under Bar.

The dropper post lever was under the bar on the left side and this really adds to the quality of life. One of the greatest benefits of 1x gearing is the left hand can now focus on just dropping the saddle. Having the lever under the bar means the rider does not have to unwrap the thumb off the bar to activate the lever. The dropper post that came with the bike is a 150mm version and it may be a bit too long for riders under 5’8” on the medium frame.

Fezzari Timp Peak Carbon Top Tube.

There is a remote lockout for the front and rear shock. Too many controls and cable right? Well, maybe not. Front and rear shocks now all have CTD levers and it’s easier and safer to activate a bar trigger than taking your hands off the bar. We definitely use CTD more since it’s so easy to access. The real issue is cable and handlebar mess, but Fezzari has done a really tidy job with routing and cable lengths.

Fezzari Timp Peak Reynolds Carbon AM Tubeless Wheels.

The wheels are carbon and they’re not house brand, off brand or no brand. They’re Reynolds AM Tubeless with 31mm external and 23mm internal width. They cost $1900 by themselves and the actual weight is 1620 grams. In other words, you’re getting a good deal on this bike.

Fezzari Timp Peak Rear Quarter.

Fezzari Timp Peak Cable Routing Guides.
The Frame and Components

The frame itself checks out with a 67 degree head angle and 13 inch BB height. That is exactly what we want for a 27.5 bike. Suspension action is very smooth even before all the pivots are broken in. Deflating the shock to 60 psi, to go through the suspension, we found the rebound was very slow, so we removed the shock completely. The pivots were a hair tight but it was free moving. Torquing the wheels laterally, there was very little flex and no play on the rear.

The rear internal brake cable exits the frame rather abruptly before the seat tube and it bows out to the side and can hit your left leg when the rear suspension is compressed. Some guides or straps can be placed to make that cable housing bend upwards instead of out.

We’ve only had two rides on this bike, but it has been good so far. It’s not ultra plush like the Pivot Mach 6 or Stumpjumper, but the rear suspension is just breaking in. Having very useable remote levers means we can set the suspension very soft and not have to find a ‘middle ground’ that we leave alone.

So far, we like the package so stay tuned for our long-term test and panel test coming in Mid January.

Product Hightlights
  • Full carbon frame including carbon rocker arms
  • 67 degree head angle
  • 13 inch bottom bracket height
  • chainstay length is 438 mm or 17.25 inches
  • 13 inch bottom bracket height
  • frame weight is 1890 grams without rear shock, Rear shocks are typically 210 grams
  • Tetralink 275 suspension design that remains active under braking
  • Carbon Reynolds All Mountain Wheels that can be shipped tubeless
  • Front and rear suspension have remote platform and lockout control
  • Rockshox Reverb Stealth included with configurable lever location
  • Bar width, stem length are all user selectable

Video: The guys at Fezzari put the Timp Peak through its paces at their local trails in Park City, Utah.

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    its my dream bikes and so very interesting…

  • mr.habanero says:

    I wish they would change the name. Its like Kia. Perfectly fine car but the name sounds cheap and poopy. There has to be something better. Sweet bike btw!!!

  • Bob Stevens says:

    Hey, Mr hab…….if you ever get into the Wasatch Range and have a chance to ride some of the local trails around here, try the Timpanogos Peaks Trails system, along with the Draper, Corner Canyon and American Fork trails. That name may make more sense then. My Timp Peak is without exception, the best bike I’ve ever had or ridden, and there have been quite a few since I first started mt. biking in ’86.

  • KG says:

    Resale is my primary concern with this brand. Buying a niche brand like this would be near impossible to sell when its time to swap to a new bike. They may be a good value, but 4k for a bike (or whatever the cost is) is still quite a bit and I’m sure resale would not be very strong, as compared to better-known brands. That’s certainly a challenge for them to get over.

  • Stanley says:

    Bought a fezzari cr3 road bike for my girlfriend…. The bike for its price can’t be beat…. I was on the fence about fezzari but the fit and quality is second to none I actaully purchased a lone peak for my girlfriends dad and that was a good buy as well… Check them out I wish I did sooner

  • opayq says:

    Is that rim cracked? It looks so..

  • ginsu says:

    I agree with the reviewer, they are really suffering from the name….just sounds like a weak Chinese off-brand…maybe they should go more understated on their logos or something. I can imagine the weirdness in the following exchange:
    “Check out my new Fezzari!”
    “What! You got a Ferrari?”
    “No, it’s a Fezzari. It’s a bike”
    “Oh, okay.”

  • spokexx says:

    My gf will mos def get the Wiki Peak 29r in the spring. Im excited for her to finally have a full suspension mtb with hydro disc brakes. And im stoked to “borrow” it from time to time. I like the name, it’s Italian. Like me.

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