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The Specialized AllRide Tour, in conjunction with Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours… presented the first ever Forces and Motion assembly for Obsidian Middle school 7th and 8th Grade science classes in Redmond, OR.

We have some work to do to refine the presentation, but we’re on our way to getting more bikes into schools using relevant curriculum!

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What is AllRide?

AllRide – The RIDE, The PASSION, The LIFE. AllRide, it’s all about the RIDE.

AllRideLogoIn 2003, after nearly a decade racing mountain bikes on the National and World Cup circuit, Kirt Voreis decided it was time to promote himself as more than just a downhill racer, so he came up with the name AllRide to promote all disciplines of mountain biking – Downhill, Cross Country, Dirt Jumping, Freeriding, Street, Skatepark etc…

He also felt it was time to promote his loyal sponsor’s products directly to consumers through dealer shops. Knowing he could not race forever, he “rebranded” himself as an ambassador for mountain biking so he could to give back to the industry that has given him such an incredible life.

Kirt believes the world would be a better place if people found a passion to fill their souls, he believes we All should Ride

He is currently on a mission to get more people, especially the younger generations, riding bikes, so AllRide is also a company that gives people opportunities within the bike industry with the hopes they will become passionate about mountain biking and spread the love to others.

AllRide soon evolved into a message:

Find a passion and live this one life you get to live to the fullest.

It’s all about the RIDE… The RIDE that is life.

Lindsey Voreis

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