Five most common MTB jumping mistakes

Dead sailor, nose diving, misjudging speed and more

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Poor jumping form can also cause put undue stress on your equipment.

Poor jumping form can cause put undue stress on your body and bike (click to enlarge).

Jumping a mountain bike is a ton of fun, but it’s also easy to do wrong. According to the crew at the Global Mountain Bike Network, the five most common mistakes that riders make when jumping are the dreaded dead sailor, nose diving, misjudging speed, not making the gap, and pulling up with your feet. Check out this video to learn how to avoid these mishaps and get more quality air time.

Do you agree? What tips helped you learn to safely send it?

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  • Catmando says:

    The article failed to mention the one most common mistake; #1, “Trying to jump something that wasn’t really designed to be jumped ( and or ) #2, trying jump something when you ( the rider ) have absolutely no jumping skills and assume that because someone else made the jump , you can make it too. Jumping is dangerous but jumping without proven skills is “extremely dangerous.”. I’ve only only attempted jumps a couple times. Like most people I have no natural jumping skills. The higher/faster you go the more potential for danger. Personally, I can live without having jumping skills. Being a mountain biker doesn’t mean you have to take stupid chances. You won’t learn that though if you only watch the videos of the expert daredevils.

    • Ben says:

      Hey Cat, this video wasn’t made for you, so stay on the ground and be happy 😉

      I love jumping off stuff, esp stuff that wasn’t meant to be jumped!

  • pattongb says:

    Loe the GT!!!

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