Follow the Clark Family in new adventure cycling film!

Watch the Salsa sponsored Clark Family pedal across the Canadian North

The Canadian North

Long stretches of dirt road; great for family bonding and scenic views.

What is better than spending time with your family? Well, how about spending time riding totally tricked out Salsa adventure bikes riding the divide across the Canadian North, with your family? That is exactly what the Clark Family did and we’re luck enough Dan Clark caught it all on video.

Simply Propelled

The Clark Family; taking vacations we all wish for.

The Salsa-sponsored Clark Family dreams, schemes, and pedals together to discover and grow through their travels. Their unique adventures, while huge in scale, move at a pace that allows them to focus on and appreciate the small details that make the world around us all so rich and incredible. Their new film, “Simply Propelled: The Canadian North” highlights the beginning of their nine-month wilderness expedition along the spine of the continent between the Canadian Arctic and Baja Mexico.

Fargo Purple

Salsa Fargo’s are for older members of the Clark crew, tricked out with Salsa’s newest gear.

“Dreams come in many forms, unique to each of us, and ranging from the fleeting to the enduring. Our dream to ride the divide of North America begins in the Arctic, and proves to be a challenging start to our nine-month journey. In the wilderness, we discover strength in our diversity and that our direction is influenced by many dreams.”– Dan Clark

Timberjack Kids

The Clarks youngest will be riding Salsa’s new Timberjack 20 kids bike.

The Clarks are heading into the second leg of their journey, the Baja Divide route, aboard Fargo 27.5 plus, Timberjack 20 and 24, and a host of Salsa EXP bikepacking products. Click on the images below to learn more about each of their choices.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

About the author: Jordan Villella

Jordan comes from the steep streets of Pittsburgh PA, where he learned to dodge cars and rip single track. He has been involved in nearly every aspect of the cycling industry: from turning wrenches, store design, clothing production and bike park creation. Jordan spends his free time racing cross country and cyclocross around North America, though he has been know to enduro every now and then. His love of cycling is only second to his love of his family and punk rock.

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