Formula CTS makes fine tuning your fork a snap

Multiple options that you can set up yourself in 5 minutes

Components Sea Otter Classic

2017 Sea Otter Classic

Formula Compression Tuning System

Easy to carry with you on the trail if you’re so inclined.

Tuning your Formula fork just got a little easier. With the Compression Tuning System (CTS) you can fine tune your suspension quickly and with accuracy. You decide what’s the best setting for your fork and you set it up by yourself in five minutes. Here’s a video primer.

With CTS technology Formula has enhanced the precision and reliability of its suspension forks. Often when you buy a new fork and you want a custom tuning to suit your riding style, you have to look to a third party for help. This can involve increased costs as well as a voiding of the manufacturer guarantee.

CTS takes a different approach thanks to a range of five valves for customizing your fork. This will allow you to find the optimal setting for your riding requirements. An obvious advantage of this system is that using different valves is like having more than one fork, each one appropriate for different situations.

Formula Compression Tuning System

The system comes with 5 choices that are color coded.

The CTS range consists of five valves that transform the way your fork behaves. These are not modifications effected through the use of traditional external controls. The CTS valve is a fundamental structural part of the hydraulic cartridge, changing the valve means changing the cartridge itself, modifying fork’s behavior.

Formula Compression Tuning System

The CTS system also comes with a tool that makes replacing the valve a simple operation that anyone can carry out in about 5 minutes without taking the fork off the bike.

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