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Interbike 2009 Recap

Now that the fog has cleared (we think that was fog??), we can look back and say Interbike 2009 was a smashing success for Formula Disc Brakes. Despite threats from the weatherman, the temperatures at the Outdoor Demo didn’t go over the triple digit mark. Our expanded Dirt Demo booth was host to a successful happy hour / beer tasting event with suds provided by Petaluma’s own Lagunitas Brewery. When it was all said and done, we had 2 leftover 20lb bags of tortilla chips, but strangely enough…not a drop of beer. Needless to say, no one left thirsty! The early (er…proactive) drinkers even picked up one of our limited edition pint glasses: Formula – Beer – Interbike 2009! We saw more Formula Brakes than ever before speced on dirt demo test bikes this year and the feedback on the 2010 product was outstanding. If you didn’t get a chance to try the product, head down to your local Ibis, Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz, or Turner dealer and you may be able to let your fingers experience a little bit of braking heaven. At the indoor exhibition, we sported a new booth look for 2009 and more dealer support than ever before. Espresso was flowing freely, and the booth chatter was focused on the value of the new RX brake and the astounding weight and looks of the revised 2010 version of THE ONE. The 2010 line up is looking pretty darn exciting! Formula has firmly anchored down the Lightest and Most Powerful brake in every class for 2010. Have a look at the next section of this newsletter and our MTBR Virtual Tradeshow Booth for a preview of whats to come.

2010 Product News

Availability: 2010 Product will be available November 1, 2009 thru Formula USA directly and starting Jan 1 from our other distributors. Preorders are currently being accepted so call us in the office if you want a shot at the first 2010 goodies. Go ahead…make your friends jealous!

New for 2010: The RX
RX-MC-BlackThe RX is Formula’s first brake offering under $200 per wheel, but you can rest assured we didn’t cut any corners to get to that price. 351 grams, a 1 piece caliper and radial MC all add up to class leading power and weight with the Italian styling you’ve come to expect from Formula.

New for 2010: THE ONE DH 2010: THE ONE DH gets a complete makeover for 2010 and an entirely new Master Cylinder which sheds some serious weight: 308g of shiny black and gold DH stopping power!! Tested and proven by World Cup racers such as Fabian Barel (Subaru/Mondraker), Steve Smith (Evil) the new version of the ONE sheds over 25% of its previous years weight. Not only lighter but stronger as well due to the new Forged MC body, THE ONE is the most capable brake in the Formula lineup and is ready for the steepest most treacherous terrain you can throw its direction.

Price drops: No, that plummeting sound you hear is not the economy, its the MSRP for 2010 Formula Brakes which are now more affordable than ever. The RX is priced competitively at $189 (with Front Post Mount) and there is an astounding value for the power and performance. We lowered the price for the R1 by about 20% and THE ONE by over 10%. The best brakes are now more affordable then ever…and still Made In Italy!

News and Notes

SF Bike Expo: Is coming November 21st to the Cow Palace in San Francisco. We will be there, will you? More info here

Best of 2009: The ORO K24 has been name “Best of 2009” by the review site The 4.91 of 5 rating is the highest in its class. Check out the review page here. If you are currently riding an ORO K24, we can assure you even better things to look forward to with our RX 2010

Sponsorship: Calling Grassroots riders!!! Do you race? Are you fast? Do you eat ramen so that you can save money to buy bike parts? Most importantly, are you a great spokesperson? Formula USA is now accepting sponsorship applications for the 2010 racing season. Please print out and send your resume via SNAIL MAIL to the address listed here.

Hot tech tip: Winter riding runs your bike and brakes through a veritable gauntlet of extremes. Your pads wear faster, fluid degrades quicker and wet conditions generally mean more crashes. A little bit of preparation and some TLC will ensure your brakes are performing their best:

  • Remove your brakes from your bike and clean them using denatured alcohol in preparation for bleeding.
  • Use our nifty bleed instructions to get the job done yourself, or take your brakes down to your local Formula dealer to get bled. Your brakes should be bled at least once a year. If you ride a lot in the winter, make a point of bleeding them once before and once after a long winter of riding.
  • Reinstall your brakes using a properly calibrated torque wrench…and while you are at it, check the torque of other critical fasteners on your bike.
  • Use sintered metallic pads during the winter or during any wet conditions. The sintered pads last much longer than the organic and also provide better wet stopping power.
  • Keep spare pads on hand. Mud and grit will wear your pads much quicker. Check pad wear before each and every ride. We recommend a pair in the tool box and a pair in the glove box!

Web Reviews: Even as we enter the 2010 season, our 2009 brakes are still getting praise! Have a look a the stellar review of the K18 which just got posted on MTB Trail Review.

source: Formula Brakes USA

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