Four big ideas from little companies at Sea Otter

Gear Hydration Nutrition Sea Otter Classic

Eligo Spile Hydration System

If you’ve ever experienced that slimy funk buildup from using drink mix in your hydration pack, you’ll appreciate the new Eligo Spile ($48.95) smart hydration system. Instead of putting drink mix directly in the reservoir, Eligo uses an electrolyte cartridge that piggy-backs on their dual stage bite valve. Bite on the valve’s first lip and you get fresh water. Bite on the second lip and flavored electrolytes flow into the mix. The configuration keeps drink mix out of the reservoir lessening the chance for mold to take root. Electrolyte cartridges come in lemon-lime, mixed berry, and orange, and cost $2.50 a pop.

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Bar Fly SLi Computer and Camera Mount

Bar Fly’s aluminum SLi is a double-duty mount that can hold both a Garmin Edge cycle computer and a GoPro POV camera on your handlebar. Available in red or black for 31.8mm ($50) and 35mm ($55) bars, the SLi is compatible with most Garmin large and small body computers. The $15 GoPro mount bolts-on underneath for a clean, over-under electronics solution. Bar Fly also showed a GoPro mount water bottle cap ($15) that should offer some interesting footage.

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Big Tree Farms Coco Hydro

Big Tree Farms Coco Hydro evaporates coconut water to its nutritional essence, mixes it with five essential electrolytes and sells it as a hydration mix you reconstitute with your own water. The mix includes tapioca dextrose, sea salt and vitamin C which colludes to make a beneficial hydration drink, according to the manufacturer. Available in a standard or sport formulation with 25-percent more sea salt and 10-percent more organic ionic trace minerals, both versions come in multiple flavors, including original, pineapple and pomegranate raspberry. The vegan, gluten-free and soy-free mix comes in a variety of packages from single-serving to bulk, and retails for $10—$24.

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Chums Switchback

The Switchback Silicone Retainer is a new take on the tried-and-true Chums eyewear retainer formula. Instead of cotton or neoprene, the Switchback uses soft, rubbery silicone to keep your eyewear from taking a flyer. The one-piece molded retainer sells for $9.99 and comes in 11 colors and patterns.

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