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Post by Robb Sutton
Mountain Biking by 198

Fox Flux Helmet

Fox Flux Helmet

Finding the right helmet that fits your needs and your head can be a difficult task with all of the different versions and brands on the market today. Fox jumped into the mountain biking helmet scene in 2007 with the Flux. After looking over the Fox’s list of features, I decided to give it a try several months ago.

The stats from the Fox site:

  • Fox Flux BackA deeper rear profile EPS shell offers more comprehensive coverage than a traditional XC helmet.
  • In-molding technology molds the outer shell onto the EPS foam. The outer shell covers and protects the EPS from dings and dents, and adds structural integrity with a molded wrap fit.
  • Detox retention system.
  • Visor and Spoiler.
  • 20 strategically placed vents.
  • Inset Chin Straps.
  • Testing Standards: CPSC, CE: EN 1078, AS/NZS 2063
  • $99.95

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  • RedRocker says:

    Soooooooooooooo you disagree with the helmet review?
    I own one and think the points are pretty accurate and professionally written.
    Why bash someone who takes the time and effort to put together well-written and very unbiased product reviews? Hell, why bash an entire area of the country you’ve probably never ridden for that matter.

  • LoneStar says:

    Hmmm, I don’t recall Robb ever saying he was a ‘Pro’ reviewer. Take it up with mtbr if you have a problem with their definition. Besides, reviews are just one person’s opinion. I know I take them for what they are.

    I think someone needs to lighten up just a bit.

  • Francois says:

    Pro Review does not mean pro rider. Pro riders cannot review products objectively anyway since it violates their contracts with their sponsors.

    Rob is doing an awesome and objective job evaluating products. If you disagree, discuss.


  • OMEGA says:

    100% Agreed with FC
    198 is doing a great job for MTB community.
    Keep doing your thing Rob!

  • Love mine! says:

    Rob, great review. I have this same helmet, color and all and I can say I was in between a large and a small but this helmet vents so well, I didn’t care. I have a bit of a labrador reteiever head with a point and this helmet made me feel it as it sat up pretty high on the middle of my head. However, I simply sanded down some of the foam until it sat down on my head and fit it perfectly. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to modify the structural part of the helmet but this was done minimally and without any square edges for cracks to begin. Besides, you won’t typically hit your head straight on the top and the reason I bought this is for the added side/rear protection which is where I always seem to hit.

    Bottom line for me: Great helmet: it’s light, vent’s well, it’s easy to adjust, offers more protection than a standard helmet and you’ll get lots of compliments on the trail.

  • Peter says:

    I just got this helmet and have three rides with it. I love it. I forget it’s there, it fits and vents so well. Thumbs up.

  • Chechu says:

    This helmet made me a better rider. The ventilation kept my head at an optimal temperature to ensure focused riding. I recommend this to any serious rider looking to maintain optimal body heat for the downhill sections.

  • Renegade says:

    Unbiased reviews? Have you ever read his ccdb review? He later admits in an mtbr thread that the other shocks he was comparing his ccdb to were on other people’s bikes. Riding a shock on your own bikes for an extensive period of time, and comparing them to a shock that is on another person’s bike, that he pedaled briefly, is far from a fair comparison, and not admitting that in the original review is far from fair journalism.

  • Brodiegrrl says:

    Nice review!

    What’s up with the spoiler? Does it do anything besides maybe balance the weight of the visor?

  • orangedog says:

    +1 agree entirely with Peter. it fits very well and vents equally as well. only had it for a few rides and am very pleased so far.

  • Bryan Lee aka MeowMeow says:

    The art/paint works on this FOX FLUX helmet is useless. You can even use your own fingers to scratch it off! Other then this fall back everthing is fine. Oh, the price is also a bit ex as compared with other brands.

  • Kazuya says:

    I have been using this Helmet now for 2 months, charcoal colour, and I am very pleased with it, the fit is perfect, been on long 7 hour XC treks and the helmet is still sitting on my head comfortably, has some nice asthetic features too, just looks XC imo 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I race mountain bikes for WVWC and I use the Fox Flux and I love the thing it is the only helmet that I have been happy with and not managed to brake in the last 3 months. I love down hill or gravity riding its not the best helmet for that kind of riding but it has saved me where I know the bell has failed me. I am not saying bell is bad or anything but the Flux is amazing. It fits snugger all the way around and does not slip down in my face. I also do lots of trail riding and single track riding. The flux breaths very well and does not get uncomfortable at all. The bottom line the FOX FLUX ROCKS.

  • gregg says:

    for Brodiegrrl’s comment…

    I’d say the rear spoiler is more for balancing the “looks” of the helmet, more than balancing the weight.


  • Evan says:

    I picked up a Flux early this year. I thought the rear visor was silly so I took it off. It is fairly easy to remove, just like the visor up front. I was rather disappointed in its fit. Instead of it being my new “first” helmet, it is now my back-up. I’d gladly trade it for another Bell or Giro.

  • Martyn says:

    I have one and I’ve had Hex and Xen recently and This flux has saved my head in a bad crash recently. It held up strong but was told that there is no crash replacement policy? The Hex is one I would buy next if there definately isnt a crash replacement. Love the Helmet though.

  • shr00m says:

    to Evan – surely you should check the fit of your helmet before you buy it? I’ve found the Flux to be just about the only thing that my strangely long but thin head fits snugly into…Met and Giro just being uncomfortable and short, or the right length and flopping around.
    helmets, make sure they fit!

  • A.Davis says:

    I have the Fox Flux helmet, in white / white shadow grey or whatever it is they call it. It fits great, feels great, and seems sturdily made. So far it’s held together, no problems with the spoiler or the visor. I overpaid for mine by about $30 but hey I’m supporting my local bike shop vs. buying cheap online, so what?

    Um, other than that it matches my bike great and I feel great wearing such an expensive piece of foam… ….

    Fox needs to get on the “Free crash replacement policy” bandwagon like some of the other guys, though. There’s about $95 worth of markup from MSRP, so give us a replacement if your product saves our life!

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