Fox Live Valve debuts on trucks — are bikes next?

New Polaris DYNAMIX teases future of suspension for technology

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Fox Live Valve

Fox recently debuted a Live Valve system developed for off-road applications, but have remained quiet on the mountain bike front.

Fox Live Valve is an automated electronic system that enables suspension to react instantly to rider input and terrain. It was first teased during the summer of 2015. Since then, we’ve seen spy shots and the release of several Live Valve compatible frames, but no word on a release date.

While Fox has been silent on the mountain bike front, Polaris has just shocked the off-road world with the introduction of DYNAMIX Active Suspension Technology. Billed as the first intelligent suspension system designed specifically for off-road applications, it was developed in conjunction with Fox.

This groundbreaking technology uses a computerized controller that monitors steering wheel position, acceleration, pedal position, speed, braking, and a host of other metrics some 200 times a second. This data is used to instantaneously optimize suspension feel and performance.

As the computer recognizes a need for softer or firmer compression, an electronic signal is sent that adjusts the position of a metered valve. By varying the fluid pressure using this valve, the shock compression can be dramatically altered.

So what does all this mean? As a vehicle hits a corner or gets airborne, the computer system can firm up the ride to help eliminate body roll or harsh bottom out. That’s some pretty cool F1 inspired tech, but will it translate to bike? No idea yet, but Mtbr can’t wait to find out.

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  • jjj says:

    A reactive system doesn’t offer much, and given the complex and high speed terrain a mtb hits I dont trust it.
    Predictive suspension would be the way forward, although that would probably need a drone flying ahead scanning the land your about to hit.

    Theres no way in hell id want my bike deciding its an xc trail and then being too stiff for a sudden hit.

  • Pnobs says:

    Your current passive suspension is a reactive system. Predictability and consistency is what you are looking for.

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