Fox Racing Shox 2010 Product Launch


“I understand that bicycling, motorcycle riding, other motorized vehicle operation and competitive sports and activities, whether on or off road, involves danger and the RISK of INJURY to any and all parts of my body including possible DEATH.”

These words were used in the general liability release I read while sipping coffee with my fellow riders at the Fox Racing Shox 2009 product launch breakfast at Zaca Station. It was mandated that we sign our life away in order to participate in any and all activities planned for us! There was little known about the day, other than the fact that bicycles and several different types of motorized vehicles would be enjoyed by all who wanted to participate.

As I glanced around the table, people either had a look of trepidation or total excitement, no one really knew what to expect! I for one was totally excited!!!! I personally had never ridden or driven most of the vehicles that were going to be on site!

As far as the bicycle product testing was concerned, I heard that most of it was going to take place on the 2007 Santa Ynez Norba National DH and XC courses. This was great because we could actually test the boundaries of the product on a real DH course. I quickly came to find out that the course was really mellow for DH race course but perfect for testing the 32mm forks and RP23 rear shocks that we would be putting on our bikes.

Post breakfast we headed out to the Zaca Station MX Park in Los Olivios California where Mario Galasso gave a detailed talk about the new Bicycle offerings from Fox.

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  • mehukatti says:

    So still no competitor to RS Totem from Fox?

  • Paul says:

    Brilliant lineup and with the same reliability over Rockshox too 😀

  • ryon says:

    did the beef up their warranty policy to cover the consumer for leaky forks v. robbing the consumer? RS will atleast warranty their stuff when it fails.

  • Forrest says:

    There currently no 7\ single crown fork offerings from Fox.

  • flystagg says:

    Sounds like it was a legendary day, fox sure knows how to put on a party.

  • Forrest says:

    I can’t wait until next year man!!!!

  • spaniard says:

    Israel Romero, the men with 2 clocks on every pic !!!

  • Junky says:

    Many of fox’s shocks are being reported as faulty

  • Hardmtnbiker says:

    Great stuff! Fox is still on top but should have had added a longer 36 model to fill the gap and maybe a 32 w/20mm TA. IMO

  • Rob Krotee says:

    Sweet! Dirt Rag in the House!

    PMBA uses FOX !!

  • goodshox says:

    Nike running shoes,good shox for stylelife..

  • WFO partypack says:

    Boost Valve my azz, it’s a non functional POS that doesn’t hold it’s nitrogen pressure and do it’s job. I’ll take a pre 2010 RP23 any day over this worthless, overpriced failing feature known as Boost Valve. “Subtle difference” is a nice wasy of saying it doesn’t work. I want Pro pedal working stoutly when set on 3 when I turn it on and I’m climbing fire road deciding to stand and mash. If I want to climb rocky root infested single track, I’ll turn it off and set it to 1. Doesn’t matter, set on 1,2, or 3, Propedal on or off, the shiat don’t work. You can verify it yourself, let all the air out of your shock, then cycle the shock in positions 1,2, and 3, with pro pedal, off, then on, for 6 tests. No difference. Scam, or failed design, you decide! My WFO comes with a POS Fox Float labeled as something super duper, that climbs like shiat.

    Total RIP off Fox Racing, Shame on you! May as well just buy a Fos Float with a lockout feature.

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