Fox updates category leading line-up for 2019

Lightening, lengthening and making each component more supple

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Our latest survey shows 56% of buyers prefer Fox Racing Shox forks over other brands.

Our latest survey shows 56% of buyers prefer Fox Racing Shox forks over other brands.

For 2019, almost every product in the line was touched but the most significant changes are the following:

  • New 34 Step-Cast 120mm fork
  • New GRIP2 damper for 36 and 40 forks
  • Updated FLOAT X2 Air Sleeve and Bottom Out System
  • Updated GRIP damper
  • DPX2 Remote option

According to our 2018 survey, front and rear suspension is the key factor influencing a buyer’s purchase. Bikes have now evolved from our road bike roots and the springy, “take the edge off” bits are now integral to a modern mountain bike’s performance. They are now key to comfort and control, safety and fun factor of the system.


Fox 34 120mm is now available in Step-Cast chassis version.

34 Step-Cast 120mm travel lightweight forks

Our sport is changing indeed as bikes expand their sweet spot. All Mountain bikes can now hit a bike park one day and be pedaled up two mountain passes the next day. And folks are looking for a trail bike that can be raced sometimes and taken regularly on long, fun rides. Fox’s answer to this call is a lightweight 120mm travel fork. And when it comes to light weight, Fox has pushed the envelope with their Step-Cast technology, shaving the chassis in areas not where material is not absolutely required.

How light is it? How about half a pound lighter than the 34 140mm fork. Thus a 3.5 lb fork is available, .3 lb lighter than a 32 long travel, while improving stiffness by 15%.

Dedicated 120 travel super lightweight race fork.

  • New Entirely new Step-Cast chassis
  • 3.5lb/1.59kg (27.5” w/ Kabolt axle)
  • Same stiffness as 34 140mm, nearly 0.5 lbs/0.23kg lighter
  • 15% stiffer than 32 long travel and 0.3lb/.14kg lighter
  • FLOAT EVOL air spring
  • External steps in lower casting reduce weight
  • Dedicated air spring and damper tune
  • 120 mm max travel
  • 27.5” chassis fits up to 2.8” tire, 29” chassis fits up to 2.6” tire
  • Gloss orange or matte black paint options
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat

Factory FLOAT FIT4 $943
Factory FLOAT FIT4 Remote $1,024

36 Grip2

The Fox 36 chassis will now be available with the Grip2 damper.

36 gets the Grip2 damper now as well

The Fox 36 is cool and is perhaps the center of the All Mountain bike revolution. These forks are stiff, capable and controllable. And you know what, they’re not that heavy for a downhill capable fork. Tuneability of the RC2 version is a little daunting so Fox has simplified it with the Fit4 damping lever. And now that the even simpler GRIP has ben dialed in, it’s made available to the 36 chassis. And don’t worry. Fox has learned lessons from the unpopular CTD experience which optimized for the middle ‘Trail’ mode. This Grip2 damping system works very well for the task at hand, descending.

  • New FIT GRIP2 damper with 4-way high- and low-speed compression and rebound damping
  • New max travel options: 180 mm (27.5” ) / 170 mm (29”)
  • New Gloss Orange paint option
  • 27.5” with 37mm offset and 29” with 44mm offset options
  • FIT4 three position damper options
  • FLOAT EVOL air spring
  • 831 model – GRIP2 with convertible 15 mm/20 mm axle
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat

Factory FLOAT FIT4 $994
Factory FLOAT FIT GRIP2 $1,065
Performance Elite FLOAT FIT4 $899
Performance Elite FLOAT FIT GRIP2 $973


The X2 gets a significant overhaul.

Fox Float X2 is revamped

The Fox Float X2 rear shock is really a gnarly rear shock that is so capable and tuneable. For 2019, it gets even better as we see it more and more OE spec’d on All Mountain bikes, reaching a much wider audience.

  • New XV EVOL air sleeve with 300psi max
  • New Progressive bottom-out bumper
  • New Angled tank valve to improve pump clearance
  • Imperial, trunnion and metric sizes
  • X2 2-position Open/Firm lever retains high and low speed compression adjustment
  • High- and low-speed compression and high- and low-speed rebound adjustment
  • Advanced RVS damping system provides more tunability
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat

Factory $625
Factory w/ lever $655

X2 explained video.


The DPX2 now gets a remote lever option.

DPX2 gets a remote option

The DPX2 doesn’t really need a remote since it has such a useable pedaling platform. but we know some folks, specially Europeans require it so now, they can be dialed in too.

Combining the best of X2 and DPS, the DPX2 features a recirculating oil damper design with the convenience of three on-the-fly compression damping positions.

  • New Remote option
  • X2 small bump sensitivity meets an improved DPS adjustment range
  • Recirculating oil damper design gives riders better control
  • One-piece EVOL air sleeve improves responsiveness and sensitivity
  • Three position lever with adjustable Open mode offers 10 clicks to finetune compression
  • Imperial, trunnion and metric sizes
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat

Factory $554
Factory w/ remote $575

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  • Highway Star says:

    Are there any 26″ options? I was considering picking up a fox 36 next year or a long travel 34. Only interested in 26″ specific forks.

    • David says:

      Just go with a 27 fork. You’ll have 1/2″ additional mud clearance compared to the 26 and actually have some resale value in a couple years.

  • Chan says:

    Limited choices, but check out the fork builder on the Fox site.

  • charles matheu says:

    No coil options yet ???? Come on fox and rock shox, you know a lot of people want coil !!!

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