From the forums: Seat tube angles are too steep, chainstays are too short

Has mountain bike geometry gone too far?

From the Forums
Has mountain bike geometry gone too far?

Has mountain bike geometry gone too far?

There’s no denying that the pace of change in mountain bike design has increased rapidly in recent years. Geometry numbers that were considered cutting edge two seasons ago are now viewed as conservative or outdated by some riders and certainly by mountain bike media. (Yes, we’re as guilty as anyone when it comes to jumping on the “next big thing.”)

Some riders in our forums are fed up with the current trend toward slacker head tube angles and steeper seat tube angles. Some long for the days of more compact bikes that are more agile at low-speeds and on tight, technical trails. Others are pushing back and contend that mountain bike geometry is better than it has even been.

It’s a hot topic, and from the discussions, it’s very clear there’s no consensus when it comes to the low, long, slack trend.

Do you long for the "good old days" of mountain bike geometry?

Do you long for the “good old days” of mountain bike geometry?

What do you think? Do you long for frame angles from days gone by, or do you embrace the bike brands pushing geometry forward? (Or back, it really just depends on which angle we’re talking about.)

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  • TimTucker says:

    Pretty sure this is linking to the wrong topic in the forums — the current link points to a thread on “animal encounters”

  • Don says:

    Well, the slack head tube angle benefits steep descending, and the steep seat tube angle benefits steep climbing. If you live somewhere relatively flat, then bikes ARE getting worse for you. Great for areas with lots of climbing and descending though.

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