From the Forums: What’s the best mountain bike gear you’ve used?

Riders share their favorite mountain bike components

From the Forums News
Riders in our forums are sharing their favorite pieces of mountain bike gear.

Riders in our forums are sharing their favorite pieces of mountain bike gear. What components do you rely on?

Most cycling components and accessories are pretty dialed these days. But there are a handful of products in every category that rise above the rest. Mountain bikers in our General Discussion forum are sharing the best mountain bike components they’ve ever used.

This is an excellent resource for riders looking for new gear recommendations. Even among picky mountain bikers, a few product trends stand out. Many riders agree that WTB’s saddles are incredibly comfortable and that Shimano’s SPD pedals may not be the lightest, but they are very likely to inhabit the earth alongside cockroaches after the apocalypse.¬†Click here to join the conversation.

Are you looking for tire advice? Riders are sharing their favorite tires in this thread.

As some products rise above the rest, a few don’t quite live up to our expectations. Riders are also sharing the worst components they’ve ever used in this thread.

Have a favorite product you would like to share with fellow mountain bikers? Sound off with your gear recommendations in the comments below.




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  • Tim says:

    The tire discussion link in the article directs you to a thread that hasn’t had a new post since 2015. C’mon man.

    • Nora says:

      I was going to express the same thing. Tire technology has changed so much since 2015, it really doesn’t offer much information.

  • David W says:

    My latest favorite- SRAM Eagle AXS and Reverb AXS. No wires or cables, easy to set up, works perfectly.

  • Steve says:

    Mechanix gloves. Columbia water shorts. Adidas/5.10 shoes.

  • Ian says:

    While the new thing coming is “tubeless”, I put in Mr. Tuffy tire liners 10 years ago and still have the same tubes. Simply Awesome.

  • abegold says:

    Miss the XT combo shifters of the past. Brake and shifting on one lever. Unfortunately modern shifters work in the opposite direction so I’m often shifting the wrong way. Maybe some day I’ll go electronic shifting so I can set it up the way I wish.

  • Wes Watt says:

    Tubolito tubes, I run tubeless and carry this a a spare, light & compact.

  • Jason says:

    Here is my criteria for best gear. Has it been around 20+ years? Is the design still roughly the same? Is it still top quality product?

    1) Speedplay frog pedals, I still ride my first pair of ambers from 1995 (six pair total).
    2) Thompson seat post, on five bikes still in rotation.
    3) Magura rim brakes, using a set from 2000 and my first set from 1995 still work.
    4) Chris King 1.125″ threadless headset, currently on two bikes.

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