Fulcrum 2012 Off-Road Preview – New Red Power 29 Range


The Red Power Become Oversize

The 29′ family is also growing and takes on a new name. In the growing market of 29ers, Fulcrum is launching two new 29′ wheels: the Red Power 29 XL, sister of the 26” XL, and the Red Power 29 SL, designed for those who wish to approach the world of oversize.

Red Power 29 XL

Like its sister Red Power XL, the Red Power 29 XL is positioned at the top of the category thanks to the new milled rim, the straight-head spokes, and the oversize hub that make the wheel extremely rigid and reactive.

Thanks to our new milling process, the 29′ rim is extremely lightweight and features a very high degree of lateral stiffness which, along with the use of straight-head spokes, makes the Red Power 29 XL an incredibly reactive wheel.

The exclusive 2:1Two-to One technology, in which the number of spokes on the cassette side is doubled with respect to the opposite side, keeps the spoke tensions in balance at the moment in which the rider transfers power to the wheel.The nipples feature a self locking system that maintains the correct tension of the spokes indefinitely, and without the need for servicing.

The superior quality sealed industrial bearings provide incredible smoothness and excellent durability, and the 20mm aluminium axle guarantees a considerable reduction in weight along with a high level of stiffness, all to the advantage of steering precision.

The exclusive 5-axis hub machining system makes it possible to create a spoke seat perfectly, which provides a precise line of spoke tensioning.With this solution,the tension values are the same at every point of the spoke, thus reducing stress on the rim and on the spokes and keeping the wheel balanced.

The new Red Power 29 XL wheels include the QR/15mm thru-axle adapter kit for the front wheel, which makes it possible to use the same wheel with both standard front forks and with 15mm thru-axle, as well as the Syntace X-12 135/142mm adapter kit for the rear wheel, which makes it possible to widen the O.L.D. of the rear wheel 12mm thru-axle from 135mm to 142mm.

Red Power 29 SL

This is the 29er for those who want to join the world of oversize wheels.

More and more passionate, these riders are now looking to the new trend of the 2’” wheel, and Fulcrum definitely wants to be ready. Sturdy and reliable, the clincher rim has no fear on any type of course. And the graphics of the Red Power family will make your large-wheeled bike even more aggressive.

The 29” – C19 rim enables you to confront any type of off road course and to fit clinchers from 28 to 47mm. Circular section steel spokes make for easy maintenance.

The straight-pull spokes enable excellent transfer of power from the hub to the rim and are easy to maintain.The brass nipples maintain the correct spoke tension, and provide years of reliable service.

The oversize aluminium hub body provides a high level of lateral stiffness and excellent torque transmission. The 20mm hub axle ensures a high degree of stiffness and improves manoeuvring precision. The sealed industrial bearings are adjustable, easy to maintain, and ensure long-lasting performance.

The new Red Power 29 SL wheels include the QR/15mm thru-axle adapter kit for the front wheel, which makes it possible to use the same wheel with both standard front forks and with 15mm thru-axle.

Source: Fulcrum Wheels

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