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Bicycle light automatically adjusts light levels to what the rider needs throughout the ride

Turn it on – Ride – Turn it off. SpeedLED is new technology that enables riders to do just that – without the need to switch the light between brightness levels as you ride. It does this effortlessly for you, leaving you in full control of your bike.

SpeedLED is tuned to work with your eyes natural responses so you appreciate the light when you need it and are unaware when the light is throttling back. Because the light only consumes more power when you need it, the light will run for longer on a single charge than a standard light. Because the light only produces vast amounts of light when you need it, your pupils are fully dilated and can reap the full benefit of the light available.

The team at Full Beam have left you the ability to tune the light’s behaviour so one night you can race an endurance XC race and let off some steam with some All-Mountain fun the next.

In development nearly 10 years ago, Full Beam had tried an early version of this but decided to put the project into hibernation due to lighting technology of the time not being up to the job. Queue the introduction of highly efficient and bright Power LEDs, with a wide scale of brightness control, and you get SpeedLED.

Full Beam has been manufacturing high power lights for several years now and has developed a reputation for very bright, robust lights in fit for purpose designs. Adding SpeedLED into their products enables you to benefit from brighter lights, in smaller and lighter packages which can only be a good thing.

“We took an old problem, combined it with the latest technologies and have created an innovative solution” explains Marc Crowley, Company Director “Dynamo lights would fade as you rode slowly which was dangerous but, combine this behaviour with today’s ultra-bright Power LEDs and an intelligent controller; you have a light which adjusts its output dependent on your speed. It’s quite a bit more complicated than that but that is the core of the idea; the faster you go, the further you look ahead, the more light you need and that is what this delivers”.

2013 SpeedLED equipped lights will be available in autumn 2012 through Evans Cycles in the UK or direct from www.full-beam.com internationally. Full specifications and exact pricing are not currently available but expect a premium product that delivers. Rumours are filtering through of a 3000 Lumen light that runs typically for 4 to 5 hours and is no bigger than their compact, yet mighty, Fusion light (pictured). Still not convinced? Keep an eye out for Full Beam demo rides at https://www.facebook.com/FullBeamLtd

Source: Marc Crowley


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