G-Form Pro-X knee pads review

Lightweight breathable pads offer comfortable protection

A little extra protection is always a good thing.

A little extra protection is always a good thing.

Lowdown: G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads

The combination of ever-more-capable bikes, enduro racing, and the fact that technology has improved by leaps and bounds has spawned all manner of lightweight mountain bike pads. Indeed, no longer are the bike park and downhill race tracks the sole realm of protection-wearing riders. I do little more than tackle “aggressive” XC trails, but almost always toss a set of pads in my hydration pack — or even roll out with them already on. One of the biggest players in this rapidly emerging market is G-Form. Keep reading to find out what we thought of their lightweight Pro-X knee pads.

Stat Box
Padding: Reactive protection technology Colors: charcoal; yellow; black/yellow
Weight: 170 grams (pair size large) Price: $70
Sizes: XS-XXL Rating: 4.5 Flamin' Chili Peppers 4.5 out of 5

  • Machine washable
  • No back-of-knee opening
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal side impact padding
  • No bunching
  • Minor thread fraying
  • Breathable
  • Aggressive look
  • Articulated design
  • Shoe removal required
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Warm on hot days
  • Freedom of movement
  • Stiffens on impact
  • Stay in place
  • No straps
  • Six sizes
  • Warm on cool days
  • Made in the USA

Review: G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads

Full disclosure: I have yet to crash while wearing these pads, so the most I can say about their protective abilities is to point to the G-Form provided stats below, which indicate they do a solid job, especially when compared to the competition. But those are their numbers, not Mtbr’s, so take them for what you will. I’ll do a lot of things in the name of product testing. But channeling my inner crash test dummy is not one of them.

Net weight is 170 grams for the pair, size large.

Net weight is 170 grams for the pair, size large.

What I can say is that these are bar none the most comfortable, unobtrusive lightweight knee pads I’ve ever worn. Indeed, they feel more like knee warmers than knee pads. And that’s what makes them great. Unless it’s a really hot day, or you’re climbing for hours, there is really no reason to take them off. The low weight and articulated design make them easy to pedal in whether going up or down. As an added bonus they provide a little welcome warmth on cool days.

Statistics provided by G-Form and have not been verified by Mtbr.

Statistics provided by G-Form and have not been verified by Mtbr.

I’ve used these pads for everything from mellow bike park sessions, to multi-hour backcountry XC adventures with 1000s of feet of climbing. Not once did they slip out of place, chafe my skin, or otherwise cause complaint. If it was really cooking outside, I’d simply slide them off my knees and down to my ankles, then twist the pads 90 degrees to the outside, assuring no drivetrain interference. At 85 grams a piece, you barely notice they are there.

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  • JA says:

    Been using them for years. It has protected my knees and elbows in crashes – I know they work as advertised. Comfortable and barely noticeable even in 90 degree days.

  • Retired VT UPSer says:

    I love these knee pads! I have crashed hard on sandstone with them and knees came out unscathed!

  • ciclistagonzo says:

    Glad to see they brought the XXL size back, Rode with these for years and they are super comfy, but when they switched to the newer “articulated” design instead of the simple sleeve, they stopped producing the XXL size, My first set died and I have since switched to Troy Lee’s, if those over fail me, I may go back to G-Form.

  • Ali says:

    I upgraded to the new version of the pro-x last week after 3.5 years of use with my original pads. Newer version is a nice improvement.

    The new ones have a lighter fabric on the back and are thicker and cover more surface area than the older version.They don’t move/fold as much as the originals did for me.

    The increase in protection worked in my favor during their inaugural wear on a muddy day at Tiger Mountain. Had a few wipeouts on Predator that left me with a bruise on my leg that lines up exactly with the bottom edge of the pad, but my knees escaped totally unscathed.

    Definitely recommend!

  • Zachariah says:

    Key to making these last, is how you put on/take off. Turn them inside out and slide them up leg. Unfold. Removal is reverse…

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