G-Form releases impact protection for infants

Next level protective gear for the world’s smallest athletes

Wingsuit activities with dad are now protected.

Wingsuit activities with dad are now protected (click to enlarge).

After three years conducting market research and proto-typing, G-Form, the leader in impact protection, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of the Pro-X Baby line. CEO Bob Burbank introduced the new G-Form expansion, confident that it will “revolutionize” the athletic baby wear category.

“Babies are becoming increasingly athletic and physically competitive,” said Burbank. “We’re filling a void in the marketplace to bring to you several new products that take your baby to the next level.”

Mtbr repeatedly asked G-Form’s Bill Rudell how they tested these products but testing parameters were not revealed. Instead, they started talking about their growing armada of sponsored athletes.

While G-Form already offers a youth line, they have been fielding increasingly frequent requests for gear that caters to an even younger audience. The Pro-X Baby line is designed to satisfy parents with infants that are ready to begin athletic training before the age of two.

Skateboarding can now be started at a much earlier stage.

Skateboarding can now be started at a much earlier stage (click to enlarge).

The Pro-X Baby line includes:

  • Pro-D Diaper
  • Pro-P Pacifier
  • Pro-C Knee and elbow sleeves

Pro-X Baby products are specifically designed to support maximum endurance while crawling and, of course, to push the limits of each baby’s favorite sport. Instead of the typical protective materials, which features immovable hard plastic, G-Form protection features soft foam-like pads and a low profile design ensuring comfort and full range of motion. G-Form’s rate-dependent materials harden on impact to absorb energy and then return to a soft state.

Pacifier injuries may become a thing of the past.

Pacifier injuries may become a thing of the past (click to enlarge).

In 2012, G-Form proved the durability and effectiveness of their proprietary technology by doing the unthinkable- dropping an iPad from the edge of space encased in G-Form protection. The Pro-X Baby line is the next step in G-Form’s commitment to pushing the status quo of safety gear and creating safer play for everyone.

To see the complete Pro-X Baby line please click here.

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