Gamut Podium flat pedal review

Lightweight and thin platform with gobs of traction

The Gamut Podium Pedal is the successor to the popular Point One Podiums.

The Gamut Podium Pedal is the successor to the popular Point One Podium (click to enlarge).

Lowdown: Gamut Podium Pedal

The new Gamut Podium pedal shares the same sleek and low profile as its predecessor, the beloved Point One Podiums. But the new version is lighter and more reliable. They also offer traction on par with segment leaders, and are among the lightest and thinnest on the market. Read our full review below to learn more.

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Size: 100x100mm Weight: 299 grams
Pins: 9 per side, 18 total MSRP: $170
Colors: Black body, blue, red, or black pins Rating: 5 Flamin' Chili Peppers 5 out of 5

  • Low weight
  • Marginally smaller platform than competitors
  • Thin, concave platform (8-10mm)
  • Expensive
  • Pedal washers required

Review: Gamut Podium Pedal

When the original Point One Podium Pedals hit the market, they were a revelation. Where most new products bare a striking resemblance to competitors, the Podiums introduced a whole new design aesthetic to the market. With a wide platform, thin profile, and sleek appearance, these American made pedals struck a chord with core riders and helped kickstart a new generation of platform pedals. Not bad considering the co-founders were also juggling real jobs and had zero marketing budget.

The big struggle the nascent brand faced wasn’t product design, but a lack of inventory and anything resembling customer support. Which is why we couldn’t have been more excited when Gamut USA announced its acquisition of Point One.

Aftermarket alloy pins are also available in blue, red, and black, to match your ride.

Aftermarket alloy pins are available in blue, red, and black, to match your ride (click to enlarge).

It’s been over a year since the announcement and the new Gamut Podium pedals are the first product to debut post merger. The design borrows heavily from the V2 model that Point One was developing, but have been improved to make manufacturing easier (i.e. more affordable) and increase longevity.

Each side of the forged body has nine hollow alloy pins, which are installed/removed via the backside of the pedal. My home trails in Santa Cruz are relatively smooth, but the pins have also survived their fare share of rock strikes in places like San Luis Obispo and Colorado. If you’re a bit more of a pedal smasher, Gamut offers steel pins aftermarket for $30. The only downside is they weigh ~20g more than the stock alloys.

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