Garmin VIRB 360 POV cam goes to 5.7K

Rugged spherical action camera offers dizzying array of features

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Garmin Virb 360 Cam

This new camera features four microphones and built-in stabilization.

Garmin’s new VIRB 360 POV camera offers a dizzying array of features. At the heart of the device is a spherical lens designed to capture 360-degree images. It’s also capable of shooting 5.7K at 30FPS and can stitch 4K 30FPS footage in camera. Here’s a look at what it can do.

Garmin Virb 360 Controls

The camera has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+ and NFC connectivity. If you’re so inclined, you can overlay this data onto footage during the editing process.

In photo mode, the VIRB can take 15 megapixel spherical images. It can also be set to single capture, burst mode, or time lapse. Controlling the camera is possible via simple one touch buttons, voice controls, or a free mobile smartphone app. This app allows you edit, stabilize, and share video. There’s even an option to livestream via Facebook. Here’s a look at the 4K Spherical Stabilization,

Garmin VIRB 360 Tripod

Aside from price, the VIRB has an Achilles heel. Garmin claims it can only shoot for an hour when recording.

If this camera sounds like it’s packed with features not found in most competitors, you’re right. But all that awesome comes at a price. Retail for the Garmin is $800. If it makes things any better, that price does include a convertible handgrip/tripod.

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  • yakkoTDI says:

    The feature I would like to see added to cameras is battery life. My GoPro Hero 3+ only get 4 hours if I use the extended battery. I would love to get a whole ride in without turning the camera on and off.

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