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Speed into spring with deals on tires, pumps, shoes and more!

Speed into spring with deals on Specialized tires, pumps, shoes and more!

Speed into spring with deals on Specialized tires, pumps, shoes and more!

Spring is a great time to hit refresh on your much-loved mountain bike. Whether you set aside your bike time on the ski slopes or rode all the way through winter, now is a great time to invest in new tires, grip and other essentials to help you roll smoothly into the spring.

From now through April 19, Jenson USA is running its Speed into Spring sale, with deep discounts on Specialized accessories, including, tires, grips, shoes, and tools. Keep scrolling for a look at some of these great deals.


Helmets are incredibly important, especially when it comes to aggressive riding like downhill mountain biking. When you’re riding downhill at high speeds, your odds of crashing go up exponentially, so you’ll want to have maximum protection like a full face mountain bike helmet. The Specialized S-Works Dissident MIPS Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet is the lightest and most ventilated carbon fiber full face helmet on the market. It features an integrated ANGi crash sensor that alerts the emergency contacts that you set in the Specialized Ride Premium app. On top of coming with an integrated ANGi sensor, you get a one-year subscription to the Specialized Ride Premium app. The S-Works Dissident is equipped with MIPS and has 3D-sculpted cheekpads and an updated crown pad design that improves ventilation and comfort. The 4th Dimension Cooling System helps keep riders cooler on warm rides, and the magnetic chin strap buckle improves the comfort.

Price: $288.75

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Two things you should always carry with you while you’re riding: water and a multi-tool. You won’t get too far if you’re dehydrated and you won’t have a fun time riding if your bike is breaking down mid-ride. The Specialized Rib Cage II comes with an EMT Cage Mount Tool that is perfect for quick roadside fixes and adjustments. The cage is lightweight, sleek, and the design is incredibly aerodynamic. the EMT Road Tool comes with a 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex, and a T25 Torx.

Price: $42.50

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Having a pump with you at all times will help prevent you from getting stranded after getting a flat. Flats suck, but not having a way to reinflate a new tube sucks even more. The Specialized Air Tool Flex Pump has an inverted camber design that works well with both mountain and road bike tires. It has a twin Schrader and Presta thread on T-head. It is lightweight and has a compact flexible hose that prevents excess stress on valve stems. It has a maximum pressure of 100 PSI.

Price: $25.50

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If you’re riding aggressively out on the trails, you’re going to want aggressive tires so you can corner and brake with confidence. The Specialized Butcher BLCK DMND 2Bliss 29″ Tire has sawtooth faces on the tread blocks to increase stability under load and provide additional biting edges. This improves rolling speed as well as control under hard braking and cornering. The GRIPTON compound improves high-frequency damping and the BLCK DMND casing strikes the balance between suppleness and extreme pinch flat protection.

Price: $59.50

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When it comes to pedaling efficiency and maximizing your power, look no further than a pair of cycling shoes. Cycling shoes allow riders to clip into their pedals so they can push and pull for optimal pedaling power. Not all shoes are made the same though, with some shoes being lighter and stiffer than others. For the best of the best, look to Specialized and their S-Works collection. The Specialized S-Works Recon Bike Shoes are designed for exceptional power transfer, lightweight, and incredible style. They work best in the gravel, cyclocross, and XC racing disciplines. They are loaded with features like an exceptionally stiff and lightweight mixed-terrain FACT carbon plate that maximized power transfer and has a stiffness index of 13.0. It has Dyneema Mesh that is trapped between the layers of the four-way stretch mesh that TPU to create no-stretch zones for the ultimate connection and comfort. The alloy Boa S3-Snap dials allow riders to quickly and easily dial in the perfect fit on the shoes and can easily be adjusted on-the-fly. The PadLock heel construction cradles the heel, improving acceleration, and the Form Fit last has a roomy toe box for extra comfort. If you’re looking for the ultimate shoe for your gravel, cyclocross, or XC racing adventure, then you’ll want to ride in the Specialized S-Works Recon Bike Shoes.

Price: $361.25

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The tire you use while you’re riding can either hinder or improve your performance. If you’re riding on a trail that is difficult and has loose terrain, then you’ll want a tire that can grip well. The Specialized Hillbilly Black Diamond 29″ is designed for intermediate to soft terrain. The tread of the Hillbilly can penetrate the ground when the soil gets soft. It features GRIPTON which improves the high-frequency damping. The BLCK DMND casing provides suppleness to the tire while also providing excellent pinch flat protection. When you’re going all-out on the trail, you want a tire that can stand up to the pounding. It is also 2Bliss Ready so you can drop the tire pressure for better traction and a smoother ride. Make sure you have the right tire for the terrain you’re on.

Price: $59.50

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Keeping your suspension pumped up properly will maximize your riding efficiency and performance. If your suspension is pumped up too high or not enough, it will hinder your performance. The Specialized Air Tool Shock Pump is a high-pressure pump that fills up shocks quickly and precisely. It has a flexible hose that is shock-oil resistant. It has a compact design so it’s easy to take along with you on the ride. It features a micro air bleed for setting the perfect pressure and has a comfortable T-handle.

Price: $46.75

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When riders want to push their limits, they should have the best pedals and shoes while riding. The Specialized 2FO ClipLite MTB Shoes provides an excellent pedal connection, comfort, and protection. It features Body Geometry sole construction and footbeds that boost power, efficiency, and reduces the chance of injury by optimizing the hip, knee, and foot alignment. It has a Landing Strip cleat pocket that makes it easy to ride clipped in or clipped out of the pedal. The SlipNot rubber sole is soft and grippy and the smooth thermobonded upper is lightweight and durable.

Price: $136

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The Specialized SIP Locking Grips are ready to keep you in control no matter how rowdy your adventure becomes. Featuring a super tacky construction and half-waffle pattern on the underside, the SIP grips will feel glued to your hands. No matter the conditions, have confidence in the most important contact point with your bike. An oversized inner lock-ring keeps each grip secured to the handlebar, allowing you to focus on the trail ahead. With a design inspired from the moto world, the SIP grips provide you with the utmost control and maximum comfort. Available in two different sizes to perfectly fit any hand.

Price: $20.00

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You should always have a pump on you while you’re riding just in case you get a flat. Nothing is worse than having your ride abruptly end due to not having a way to reinflate your new inner tube. The Specialized Air Tool Mini Pump is a compact pump that can easily fit in a bag or a jersey. It features an inverted double chamber design that increases the capacity of the pump, reducing the amount of time spent inflating a tire. The Air Tool Mini Pump includes a tube spool so you can compactly store an inner tube and has an integrated locking tab for the included SWAT lever. The road version of the Air Tool Mini Pump has a Presta-only head to keep the weight and size down, while the MTB version has a convertible head to work with both Presta and Schrader valves. If you’re a minimalist rider who loves everything compact, then you’ll love the Specialized Air Tool Mini Pump.

Price: $21.25

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