Gear Review: Scorpion Bike Stand

Moto-inspired stand a quick, lightweight maintenance and storage solution


Scorpion Bike Stand Chad Reed

Even when not next to a KX450F, the Scorpion Bike Stand‘s moto influences are pretty obvious. Photo by Joe Lawwill

We posted a story on motocross star Chad Reed’s Shimano-equipped Specialized back in February and our inbox immediately got jammed with questions. The inquiries weren’t about the bike itself, but the thing holding it up.

That thing is the Scorpion Bike Stand, a $73 moto-style workstand that uses your crank’s hollow axle to support your bike. It’s great for a wide variety of maintenance, cleaning and adjustment tasks and makes a good stand for your garage or in the pits at races.

Check out our video review of the Scorpion to see the bike stand in action.

Not surprisingly, the Scorpion Stand is the handiwork of a former motocrosser-turned-mountain biker who started riding mountain bikes and wanted the stability and look of the center stand he used for his motorcycle.

“I used to race motocross and when I made the transition to racing mountain bikes a few years ago I wanted to same style stand,” said Scorpion inventor Mike Diorio who builds the stands in his Corona, Calif. workshop. “There were none on the market so I made my own.”

Scorpion Stand Mike Diorio

Scorpion’s Mike Diorio preps steel tubing in his Corona, Calif. workshop. The tubes will eventually be welded into bike stands. Photo courtesy of Scorpion Bike Stands

Diorio’s design struck a chord with like-minded racers—riders with similar backgrounds have beaten a path to Scorpion’s door including the likes of Brian Lopes, Johnny O’Mara, Ricky Carmichael, Mike Montgomery, Ronnie Renner, Jake Weimer, and Mike Sleeter among others. Manufacturers including Intense and Shimano use Scorpion Stands at events to display their bikes as well.

Scorpion Bike Stand ntense

Intense was one of several manufacturers who used Scorpion Bike Stands for their display at the Sea Otter Classic.

Easy to use, compatible with most

Using the Scorpion Bike Stand is fairly straightforward— simply lift your bike and slide the hollow crank axle onto stand’s spindle. A vast majority of mountain cranks use large-diameter hollow axles, making current SRAM and Shimano cranksets, as well as numerous models from FSA, Specialized, Race Face and others compatible with it’s 20mm plastic sleeve installed. The stand ships with an 18mm adaptor for Shimano Zee and other smaller-diameter spindles—without a sleeve it works for BB30 and Cannondale Hollowgram cranksets.

Scorpion Stand 11

The stand ships with 20mm (shown) and18mm spindle sleeve to accommodate a variety of cranksets. It can also be used without a sleeve to fit 10mm crank axels, like those on Cannondale Hollowgram cranks.

If you have an older bike or crankset, the stand may not be compatible. Our old school Shimano Ultegra-equipped commuter bike, for instance, has a closed-end crankset. If in doubt, Scorpion’s website has a list of compatible cranks, and Diorio regularly fields such question via phone and email.

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About the author: Don Palermini

Chicago-born Don Palermini became a cycling-based life-form in the sixth grade after completing a family road bike tour of his home state. Three years later he bought his first mountain bike to help mitigate the city's pothole-strewn streets, and began exploring the region's unpaved roads and trails. Those rides sparked a much larger journey which includes all manner of bike racing, commuting, on- and off-road bike advocacy, and a 20-plus-year marketing career in the cycling industry that landed him at his current gig with Santa Cruz bicycles. Now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, his four favorite words in the English language are "breakfast served all day," together in that order.

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  • mtb says:

    Good idea, thanks for the writeup.

  • Wish I Were Riding says:

    Can you or why wouldn’t you insert it from the non-drive side so that you can turn the cranks easier when cleaning you chain?

    • Mtbr says:

      A good question, and it would be easier that way but the opening in the crank’s axle on the drive-side is larger than the non-drive side, so it needs to mount in that orientation. That said, it’s pretty manageable.

  • yongky says:

    scorpion bike stand for mtb price?……. area bali indonesia

  • yongky says:

    price? + shipping

  • Michael D. says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of this also, it works great!
    I have made my self one of the models that go under the crank housing to hold the bike
    but this is cool too!

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