Helmet cam fails from Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

Practice makes perfect — and a great blooper video

Danny claims he attempted the  450kg (~1,000 lb) hay barrel ride nearly 400x before finally landing it.

MacAskill says he attempted the 1000-pound hay barrel ride nearly 300 times before finally nailing it.

Watching the final edit of Danny MacAskill’s new video, Wee Day Out, you might not realize just how dangerous or difficult some of the tricks were. According to Danny’s recent Reddit AMA, he tried the log slide maneuver over 300 times before getting it right. To gain a little insight into just how mental some of the stunts are, hit play.

And if you haven’t caught it already, here’s the full video.

Check out the entire Mtbr Danny MacAskill archive here.

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