Here we go! STUND Season 2

Here we go!
STUND is under a week away from the release of Season 2 – Episode 1. We are back and finally ready to go and things look great. I assure you episode 1 is just a taste of what is to come as this show ramps up all the way to the end! See you Friday for the first episode.
These are the locations we decided to tee up with the crew:
5 episode series.
1: Williams Lake
2: Kelowna
3: Washington/Oregon
4: Utah/Kamloops
5: Best Of!
Riders: Steve Romaniuk, Mike Kinrade, James Dorfling, Garret Buehler.
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Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
Mongoose, Scott, Transition, Adidas Eyewear, Funn, Lizard Skins.
General Questions for the STUND Crew:
When did this project start? What made you decide to do a second season?
Must have been 5 years back! myself, Romo, Super T, Dylan Tremblay all had the idea in my basement to do a project of our own that was similar to “Drop In” but with our favorite locations, our own crew and to focus on creating a movie like feel to the show.
Give us a rundown of Stund 2, Who’s in it, where it’s shot, when did it all take place, how many episodes…
STUND 2. The young B.C. blood has arrived with James Dorfling and Garret Buehler. These guys are the prodigies of B.C. right now and they are on the tour full time! Then of course there’s Romaniuk and we have hired back Tamas Forde of New Wave Cine to keep the show looking crisp!
How long can we expect each episode to be?
It will vary quite a bit. Watching stuff on the internet is tough unless it’s really entertaining. 20 min at the most and 10 min.
What’s your favorite location you have been to this season?
Kamloops! We love that place!
Who is all involved in the production?
Steve, Tam, and Myself.
What’s the production time line on this project?
Haha.. Tuff questions. We’ve dreamed of this show for years before it happens. But actually on the road shooting about 6-7 weeks. Post production another couple months there.
How much time was spent filming for each 15-20 minute episode?
It varied, sometimes things went smoothly. Sometimes things were rough, it’s an unpredictable sport. Sometimes we get hurt and it’s not the same when one of the bros is OC (Our of Commission) So we’ll usually hang tight and wait for them to heal so we can be back a full force.  We shot the Utah episode in 1 week from arrival to departure!  Lots of shovel time.
What equipment are you filming with?
We had a variety of gear we came up with:
-Canon Mini sniper HD
-Hero Cam chest mount
-Sony XD cam EX.
-Pole Cam
-Hair Straight Back 15 passenger van with custom 10 bike roof rack.
Any serious injuries to report from filming?
No way!
Who’s behind this project financially? (sponsors)
Mongoose Bikes, Transition Bikes, Scott USA, Adidas Eyewear, Lizard Skins, and Funn.
Being on the road in the US for long stretches filming, what is the fast food joint of choice?
Ugh, don’t even want to think about it.

source: Mike Kinrade

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