Here’s why the housing market is heating up in Bend, Oregon

The recreational capital of the Cascade Mountains

Bend’s unique location provides residents access to densely forested regions, desert like terrain, and year round adventures.

Bend’s unique location provides residents access to densely forested regions, desert like terrain, and year round adventures.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. It’s a beautiful place. The weather is great, you have two world class cities in close proximity (and I’m not referring to San Jose), but the housing prices are insane and most of the single track is illegal.

In my search for a new place to call home, I keep coming across Bend. This little mountain town is located in Central Oregon, which is much drier than the coastal areas. It’s surrounded in part by rugged volcanic mountains covered in dense forest and a short drive away from the desert.

In addition to the wild mixture of terrain, there’s a ski hill ( aka summer lift access), and a burgeoning microbrewery scene. It’s no wonder athletes like Cam McCaul, Adam Craig, and Kirt Voreis call this place home.

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  • RH says:

    Check out Spokane, a lot of the same benefits as Bend without the BS and high prices

  • Paul says:

    No, as a native Eastern ORegonian living in Portland, and having spent time in Eugene as well, Bend is a sort of Californian refugee colony.

    Californians have this crazy idea to move to the population centers of Oregon, IE Eugene, Portland and Willamette Valley area, only to find that the foreboding precipitation is rather oppressive to Californian folk.

    Having acclimated to the Willamette Valley weather I like to think of the rain as a sort of “Californian repellant”, which by in large it is.

    However the Eastern Oregonian in me loves Bend and the mountain biker in me more so, however, I have known multiple people who came to Eugene, Portland, etc and could not stand the rain and gloom, move to Bend and live there still.

    What is sad with the real estate market is that the Portland and Bend real estate markets are eerily similar in price, largely because people from California, Bay Area I’m looking at you, even though Portland is the largest city in Oregon by far, because city folk from the Bay area sell their 1000 Sq Ft home for $2m and then but 8 houses in cheap Bend, pushing up home prices.

    There is little to no industry in Bend, and during the Great Recession Bend was up there with Detroit, Scranton and Flint in highest unemployment rate in the nation, at about 20%.

  • Richard1999 says:

    I have a few friends who live in Bend currently and some who have moved on. The joke in the early 2000’s was “bring your job with you” but seems with all remote work opportunities it’s do-able. But the market crashed really hard in 2008 and many think is in another bubble. Housing prices are high, lack of International airport also adds to travel costs if you fly on airplanes a lot. Good beer, but most western metro areas now have awesome microbreweries. Riding is good, but there IS winter so be prepared for that (if you are from California). Lots of good areas.

  • GuyOnMTB says:

    The most under-appreciated place in the PNW is Wenatchee, Washington.

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