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Photo: Pete, Nate and Matt of Hermosa Tours

On the Trek Press Camp this july, Hermosa Tours guided all four rides for about thirty members of the media and of the company. I got to experience their work as they designed four rides that would give us a good taste of the area as well as test the two new bikes in Trek/Fisher line up.

img_7779.jpgHermosa Tours is a high-end, all-inclusive bike guide outfit that will pick you up at the airport, put you up at a hotel, shuttle, guide and feed you. Their objective is to take care of everything so all you have to do is pedal and enjoy what the area has to offer.

Logistically, our group was a nightmare. There were 20+ journalists arriving at different times from all corners of the globe and they had to be shuttled to and from four different hotels. There were four rides in four days and everyone had to be set up with equipment and fed.

img_7778.jpgI am happy to report that the rides went off without a hitch. Our crew rode and rode and experienced some of the best Durango had to offer. The Hermosa crew Nate, Matt, Pete and Mike were constantly on the phone and on the radio. They ensured everyone was accounted for and had a good time.

Hermosa specializes in 5 days Tours like the Durango High Country Tour for $1895. They pick you up at the airport and take care of everything. Someday soon, I hope to try out this tour and document the whole affair. But seeing their work in the press tour of Trek gives me confidence that they can handle anything with a smile.

Hermosa supplied drinks, energy bars and ‘make your own gorp’ bagsimg_7743.jpg.

A tent with lunch and beer was waiting at the end of Hermosa Creek Trail


Nate always kept the group informed and kept in constant contact with his crew to ensure everyone was having a great time


Here’s the two Hermosa vans loaded with about 30 bikes leaving the lodge.


Even the shuttle drive is spectacular in Durango


Pete Basinger unloading the Hermosa Shuttlegwaugh080720_070.jpg

The shuttle drop off point on Hermosa Creek Trail


Expert guided tours puts you in a happy place


More information is available at:



  • Stay a Way says:

    Don’t let the fancy website fool you and try to stay away from this company and the owner Matt McFee!
    The guy is cheap , rude and irresponsible manager. He will try to save on you with equipment , guides and transportation.
    We had a guided tour of 12 riders, he provided only one guide, did not check the skill level of the team ,the required gear and did not adjust the plans according to the weather. We had people that luckily did not freeze on the trail, plus injuries that could be prevented if had the right equipment and enough guides.
    While everyone takes its own risk going on off-road mountain biking trail, we expected a local guide to ensure we have the appropriate gear with us and to find appropriate trails. Definitely does not worth the money!

  • Agree with "Stay a Way" says:

    Website lists available shuttles to rides around Durango, but they aren’t really available for singles or couples. The person on the phone was rude and unprofessional, and actually hung up abruptly. Clearly, this outfit would rather focus on the more lucrative large guided tours, but does not understand that a minimum level of civility may be a good idea… We have been on guided tours before, but we will NEVER be a Hermosa Tour customer. Look elsewhere.

  • X3 says:

    Yea, yet similar bad experience. Every time i call it get a rude, short tempered guy who doesn’t try to work with you very well. I called the night before for a Kennebec Pass shuttle and he said meet at Pedal the Peaks bike shop at 8. I show up 5 minutes early and no shuttle, waited for a 1/2 hour then had to bike 20 minutes back home. I called to see what was up, no answer. Its too bad this doesn’t work. We need another company to do shuttles.

  • Agree with "Stay Away" says:

    The owner of Hermosa Tours has a very short temper and is not the kind of person that I would rely on in a pinch. After becoming enraged over a minor incident, this guy cancelled a group trip, refused refunds, and caused a consumer nightmare that hasn’t ended. He even went out of his way to leave an obscene voice message at one rider’s home phone and sent a couple of taunting emails. Unbelievable. Find another outfitter.

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