Hiker sentenced for sabotaging mountain bike trail

Tineke Kraal handed suspended sentence and placed on three years probation

Tineke Kraal of Vancouver has been handed a suspended sentence and placed on three years probation for sabotaging North Shore mountain bike trails.

Tineke Kraal of Vancouver has been handed a suspended sentence and placed on three years probation for sabotaging North Shore mountain bike trails (click to enlarge).

Trail sabotage is unfortunately not uncommon in the mountain biking world. Disgruntled hikers secretly set obstacles and traps to discourage or punish mountain bikers from using some trails.

Lower Skull trail on the North Shore was one of the trails sabotaged.

Lower Skull trail on the North Shore was one of the trails sabotaged (click to enlarge).

But in Vancouver where the mountain bikers are not necessarily the silent minority, mountain bikers gathered video evidence to expose one of the most infamous trail saboteurs in history.

What do you think? Is the sentence handed to Tineke Kraal fair?

Has trail sabotage occurred in your area?

Check here for a lively discussion on the subject. Read The Angry Singlespeeder’s take on the subject here.

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  • Todd Wecker says:

    I agree w/ Darryl….I caught a Horse Riding one day hiding big rocks under a small bush. I was foolish to slap him around a bit…but I bet he never did it again…

  • AJ says:

    Someone sabotaged trails in Ct a number of years ago. They strung brown yarn across the trail neck-high (which basically turns into high tensile fishing line when stretched). Some poor dude came cruising by and nearly decapitated himself. I’m not sure if they ever caught the offender. The guy was in the hospital with a gash from ear to ear that required boucoup stitches. This was in an area where equestrians were attempting to get rid if bikers. That’s attempted murder right there.

  • EcEc says:

    Very bad stuff here. Mountain bikers that I know and ride with are always very curtious and willing to share the trail with hikers and runners. In my area off the American River Bike Trial near Folsom Lake, CA I come upon trail hikers on a weekly basis who are simply uninformed and pay little attention to bike traffic. Just last week I had to explain to a gentlemen who tried to knock me off my bike that he was hiking on an official published mountain bike trail and he cannot simply ignore bikes coming his way. I think the lady in the video was given a fair sentence….especially if the community service involves grooming bike/hike trails.

  • Fred says:

    That old bag needs a blanket party!!

  • Mike says:

    What if she did that to a horse trail? Here in Northern California you would likely have been severely puinished. No the punishment does not fit the crime it is way too lax.

  • bryan says:

    She showed remorse? Bullcrap, only because she got caught. Everybody facing a judge or jury says “I’m sorry” when they realize their arse may actually spend time in jail or their wallet is pried open. She knew exactly what she was doing, and she would still be doing it today. I’m no lawyer, but I looked it up and I believe her actions fall under the definition of reckless endangerment, she could have severely injured or killed someone. Somehow community service doesn’t seem to fit the crime, she was slapped on the hand because of her age. I say send her out doing trail maintenance in the pouring rain with no rain gear for a year, under strict supervision of course. I will gladly volunteer to sit on a tree trunk, warm and dry sipping my hot coffee while I constantly verbally harass her. IMO that punishment would fit the crime.

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