Hot new wheels, tires, and hubs from Interbike 2017

The latest from Industry Nine, Maxxis, MRP, Onyx, Wolf Tooth, and more

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Industry Nine Pillar BackCountry 360 Carbon

Industry Nine has released a carbon version of their popular BC360 wheelset

Industry Nine BackCountry 360 Carbon Wheels

When the BackCountry 360 originally debuted it utilized an alloy rim. Now, Industry Nine is rolling out a 27.5 carbon version of this 36mm wide rim. The new PillarCarbon BC360 wheelset weighs 1865g (570g a rim) and is optimized for tires between 2.4-3.0. There’s a max recommended weight limit of 250 pounds. Price is $2325 and the wheels will start shipping in October. To learn more, visit Also check out the Mtbr long-term review of the alloy version here.

Orange Seal Valve

Orange Seal offers consumer oriented kits with two valves and a shop version.

Orange Seal Valves

Orange Seal’s new Versa valves are designed to work with any rim. The key is the grommet profiles. One is a more conical shape, while the other is flatter. Depending on your rim shape, you can select which to use.

The consumer oriented kit comes with two valves, two spare valve cores, four grommets, lock rings, and a valve core removal tool. Orange Seal is also offering a shop kit, which includes several different valve lengths, plus spare parts. Retail for the consumer oriented kit starts at $25, but varies depending on valve length. For more info, visit

MRP Better Boost Adapters

The Better Boost Adapters were available for DT Swiss hubs. They now work with Stan’s and Industry Nine, too.

MRP Better Boost Adapter Kit

Want to use your existing wheels on a new boost equipped mountain bike? Until recently, you were out of luck. Now, a number of small manufacturers have launched spacer kits to convert existing hubs. Our favorite kit comes from MRP. Their Better Boost Adapter Kit includes two end cap spacers, a rotor spacer, and necessary hardware. Originally, this product was only compatible with DT Swiss hubs, but MRP has recently expanded their offerings. They now offer kits for Stan’s and Industry Nine hubs as well, and a Hope version will be available shortly. Price is $45-50 depending on the kit. Learn more at

MRP Race Axles

Stop snagging your QR with MRP’s new Race Axle.

MRP Race Axles

Tired of snagging your rear QR on rocks? MRP’s new Race Axle replaces your rear axle with an ultra-light tooled version. The axles are available in 142×12, 148×12, and 157×12 in multiple thread pitches. Depending on the configuration, they weigh between 36g-46g. Price is $40-$45. Learn more at

Vee Crown Gem Kids Tire

Vee is filling a void in the youth market with their affordable enduro/dh worthy tire offerings.

Vee Crown Gem Junior

If you’re a kid, there’s never been a better time to ride mountain bikes. Virtually every major bike brand offers a pintsized ripper. The only problem? Tire selection. Fortunately, Vee is filling this void with their new Crown Gem Junior. Modeled after the popular Crown Gem, this enduro tire has been scaled down for 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, and 24” wheels. Vee is also offering a tubeless version for 20” and 24” wheels. Prices for the new tire start as low as $25. To learn more, check our coverage here.

Maxxis Rekon 2.25

Originally launched as a plus tire, the Rekon is now available in a plethora of sizes. It might be our new favorite rear tire.

Maxxis Rekon Offerings Expanded

The big story at Maxxis this year has been the addition of more Wide Trail offerings. The WT moniker denotes tires that have been optimized to work with the new generation of 30mm-35mm rims. They have a slew of new WT offerings, including a 2.6 Ardent Race, 2.5 High Roller II, 2.5 Aggressor, and a new 2.4 Rekon. Maxxis introduced the Rekon as a plus only option, but this versatile tire is now available in a number of different sizes. With the expanded size range, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it come stock as a rear tire on many of next year’s hottest trail bikes. To learn more, check out our coverage here.

Onyx Prototype Hub

Onyx is attempting to shave nearly a quarter pound off their rear hub by using a new clutch configuration and extra machining.

Onyx Teases Lighter Hubs

Onyx hubs have developed a cult like following for their instant engagement produced by their sprag mechanism. The only thing holding them back from mainstream adoption (other than price) appears to be weight. To put it in perspective, your standard Chris King rear hub weighs around 350g with an XD driver. An Onyx hub is roughly a quarter pound heavier. To help shave some of that weight, Onyx is developing a lighter sprag clutch. Pioneered on the road side, the system relies on a full clutch and a half clutch working in conjunction, rather than two clutches side by side. They’ve further reduced weight by modifying their end cap design and trimming excess material from the hub body. They’re currently putting the prototype under rigorous testing, but they’re hoping to shave almost a 100g with the new design. To learn more, visit

Wolf Tooth Front Axle

This looks like an ordinary front axle, but Wolf Tooth has incorporated a subtle upgrade to improve performance.

Wolf Tooth Wolf Axle

There are a number of brands who offer a tooled aftermarket front axle (see MRP above), but Wolf Tooth’s new Wolf Axle is unique. Their version has a steel washer under the thread, which is claimed to reduce friction on the fork leg when tightening. It also prevents the axle from sticking or galling. The Wolf Axle is made in the USA and is available for Fox and RockShox forks, plus road and fat applications. Retail is $40. To learn more, visit

This article is part of Mtbr’s coverage of the 2017 Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. For more from Interbike CLICK HERE.

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