Hot Product: ENVE launches new MSERIES rims, wheelsets

26er 27.5 29er Wheels

Four model MSERIES line designed for specific travel, riding styles

Santa Cruz team rider Josh Bryceland will be racing on the new ENVE MSERIES wheels in 2014.

Wheel-maker ENVE has announced a new series of carbon rims and wheelsets called MSERIES, designed to meet the needs of four specific rider types, according to the company. Sharped-eyed consumers spotted one of the wheels—the new M70thirty—last week in promo materials for Santa Cruz’s new 27.5-inch Nomad Carbon, and the internet has been abuzz with speculation ever since.

The new wheel model names are based on intended-use ratios of downhill to uphill, so the M50fifty is an even-split cross-country race wheel, while the M90ten is designed to go downhill 90-percent of the time, making it ENVE’s full downhill rim. In between the two are the M60forty trail rim and the aforementioned M70thrity all-mountain rim. ENVE has supplied a chart detailing intended travel and tire sizes for riders to determine their wheel choice.

Additionally, ENVE say they ride tune each of the new rims with specific depth and width specifications.The specs are determined by pairing each rim model with the predominant tire widths used for the defined ride application to optimize handling and traction.

Lighter, stronger rims

“These four models consider a rider’s propensity towards descending versus ascending and are named accordingly,” says ENVE via press release. “Fundamental in the design of each new rim is a structure and shape that provides improved vertical compliance without sacrificing lateral stiffness.”

ENVE also says the MSERIES rims are both more impact resistant and lighter than their first-generation predecessors. The new 29-inch rim M50 weighs in at 320 grams some 65 grams lighter than the 29 XC rim it supplants.

Tubeless of course, but hookless as well

Like the new Ibis wheelsets we reported on yesterday, some of Specialized’s Roval models—and thousands of motorcycle and automobile designs that came before it—the MSERIES rims are hookless, a move that is said to reduce weight, up durability and save cost.

“Our beadless hook design has performance implications that include better tubeless performance, pinch flat resistance, and impact durability,” said Lead Engineer Brett Satterthwaite. “It’s a design that truly plays to the strengths of full carbon construction.”

Colorful decal optons

Many riders have been, pardon the pun, envious of the color-matched rim decals Santa Cruz has been offering on their bikes, and now ENVE is selling wheel sets in color-matched options and even offers a custom Pantone color match decal service for a $150 upcharge.

ENVE’s new MSERIES is now shipping to authorized dealers and distributors around the world. The new MSERIES will also be available on select complete bike models from ENVE OEM partners Cannondale, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Turner, and Intense.

ENVE MSERIES Composite Wheelsets and Rims

All wheel models are the same price:

  • Rim Only: $999/rim
  • Wheelset w/ DT 240 $2718
  • Wheelset w/ Chris King $2750
  • Wheelset w/ DT 180 $3298 (M50,60,70 model only)

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About the author: Don Palermini

Chicago-born Don Palermini became a cycling-based life-form in the sixth grade after completing a family road bike tour of his home state. Three years later he bought his first mountain bike to help mitigate the city's pothole-strewn streets, and began exploring the region's unpaved roads and trails. Those rides sparked a much larger journey which includes all manner of bike racing, commuting, on- and off-road bike advocacy, and a 20-plus-year marketing career in the cycling industry that landed him at his current gig with Santa Cruz bicycles. Now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, his four favorite words in the English language are "breakfast served all day," together in that order.

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  • Art says:

    Just what the world needs, $3000 wheels. Nonsense.

  • Avg Joe Rider says:

    As a current ENVE wheel owner, I can say you are going in the wrong direction in price with the other competition out there. Technology usually gets less expensive over time. You have likely lost my business even though you make a quality product.

  • luisM. says:

    I’ll stick to my Mavic SLRs. Light weight and bullet proof. Oh and about $2000.00 less!!

  • BP says:

    $150 for stickers?

  • PinkFloydLandis says:

    So just for clarity, for $150 I can buy a good quality carbon rim direct from the supplier in Asia, or I can buy color-matched decals from Enve. That says a lot.

    Price aside, its good to see further validation for the hookless design.

  • Kevin Woodward says:

    AM or XC yes … 50-60-70-90 huh?

  • vv says:

    Throw in exchange rate (+10%), a Canadian border and taxes (+13%)
    and these puppies are costing minimum $3500.
    Wait… I want a color of my chosing $3750.
    Stupid price.

  • DH says:

    I demo’d the 50fifty’s today: amazing tracking, lightweight! The 5 year warranty and lifetime crash replacement make these a much better deal!

  • Cracker69 says:

    A $3000 wheelset……that is about eight regular quality wheelsets. Surely, its possible to enjoy mountain biking without this transference of narcissism to the bike ? Coveting items such as this is the sickness of consumerism and largely missing the point of the sport, ie, health, comradery, forward motion, challenge, accomplishment….all that good stuff.

  • madsedan says:

    I rarely ever feel compelled to comment on product write-ups on here but I have to agree with every other comment before mine, this price is insane. When I saw the title bar I was thinking “well its been a year or so since I checked out Enve’s wheels, maybe they’ve dropped down in price for 2014…”.
    Do a quick search on ANY mountain bike forum that has a wheel/tire section and see how many guys are discussing Enve’s new offerings versus how many are discussing the technical nuances and customer service of vendors with the latest $200 a piece carbon hoops available out of Asia.
    Outside of providing these to professional teams for marketing purposes at a greatly reduced cost how many units can they actually sell of these. Whoever the idiot in marketing is that’s advising your R&D guys to develop even more expensive wheels needs to be removed.

  • Bradstone says:

    Based on the new name system, I would like to know where I can ride 40% uphill and get 60% downhill or 30% uphill for 70% downhill – that would be amazing!

  • Enve Epiphany says:

    I’m a bit of a gear freak / weight weenie but every now and then in life some thing comes along and gives you pause to consider what is important.
    These rims are that thing – when you think about it spending this much money for a these rims, when the advantage is miniscule… It’s stupidity, what am I doing? Time to stop spending money on stuff and more on creating experiences with the stuff that I already have.
    Thanks Enve – seriously, the wheel just turned.

  • tonyp says:

    Seriously!!! For that price I’d rather buy a new bike…

  • John-John says:

    Can’t wait to ride the M60’s. Am getting them with my new Bronson C XX1 build with CCDBAirs CS and Pikes on the front. I’ve booked a week long mountain bike holiday for when I pick up the bike in a couple of weeks. I’m not going to know myself!!

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