Hounded // Spencer Paxson: Professional Racer & Coach

Insight into a true enthusiast and cycling pro


Spencer Paxson is not a household name as many have kinda heard of him but don’t much beyond the leaderboard sightings. He’s an XC racer, now in his 30’s entering retirement from top-level racing. He’s never won the big prize but he’s always been in the running and has pursued the world-cup level.

This video provides wonderful insight into how he got started with bikes and how he got hooked into the XC path. A lot of us have fallen into this same path and have made similar decisions and trade-offs along the way. But Spencer is good and he’s made it all the way into the World Cup level while pursuing a full-time engineering career.

Shifting from renewable energy to World Cup racing isn’t a typical career change, but Spencer Paxson isn’t a typical guy. We sit down with Spencer to talk about his adventure into fatherhood, the day he climbed 32,800 feet and his new coaching endeavors with Peak Energy Performance.

An engineer at heart, Spencer is very good at visualizing the end goal and forging a path to get there.

Series Description: Hounded is an interview show hosted by Freehub Magazine’s Managing Editor Jann Eberharter and the beloved office coonhound Lucy. Between a few beers and a round on the neglin stump, we chat with some of mountain biking’s most genuine characters.

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