How To: Counter Steer Around A Corner

Try this advanced technique to increase your speed and control

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How To: Counter Steer Around A Corner

Use the inside knee to help initiate your turn.

Counter steering around corners is an advanced technique that requires you to think about and react to what is going on throughout the corner, almost instantly. That means you need to have your cornering technique dialed before trying this techniques. But once you’re ready this is a great way to increase your speed and control on the bike. To learn more, check out this video from the crew at the Global Mountain Bike Network.

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  • LouRider says:

    I love GMBN, and the discussion of weight was good, but this video totally misses on counter steering. He says something like “Use counter steering to get the bike leaned over.” This is 100% of the opposite of how counter steering works and what it does. Notice, he firsts steers *into* the the turn to the get the bike leaned over, then he uses counter steering to keep the bike from sliding out or turning too sharply. You can even see this in the still shot above the video: notice how his front tire is turned towards his left as he’s entering a left hand turn (the exact opposite of counter steering). Sure, you can hold a more pronounced lean longer using counter steering, but you don’t initiate that lean through counter steering. And while you’re in the turn, counter steering is actually used to keep the bike more upright.

    Disclaimer: Neil would absolutely destroy me on a bike and his turns are WAY better than anything I can do. Sometimes, though, folks don’t know how to best explain what it is they’re doing. And again, his discussion of weight is really good!

  • Gregor F. says:

    Advanced technique? No it’s how most people learned to turn a bicycle way back when they were 6 or 7 years old. It’s natural, don’t start overthinking it.

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