How To: Make a Perfect Espresso and Capuccino

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Here is the steamed milk and capuccino update to this series. Steaming milk just right is no easy task. And sometimes it comes out perfect and often it’s inconsistent. Listen carefully and you’ll find insights on the variables that affect quality.

And if you follow the Italians then “Milk only in the morning.”

The espresso shot is the most perfect expression of coffee. And a great espresso is a cyclist’s friend as it wakes up the mind and the body and gets it ready for the cycling adventure ahead.

But a bad shot of espresso is like drinking black tar – bitter and burnt. A great shot of espresso however has a wonderful aroma and can reveal many flavors underneath that naked coffee flavor.

Check out this How To video from our friends at the Global Cycling Network.

What are some your tips for pulling the perfect shot of espresso at home? What beans, grinder and machine do you use?

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  • Tom says:

    Would rather have beer.

  • Mindless says:

    Turkish style is the perfect coffee. Espresso is a hack.

  • tw says:

    Perfect shot at home: get a great grinder. Grind is the most important component behind the beans. 18 grams is ridiculous, it should be 7-9 grams tops for a single. Prime your machine”: run a shot thru and let it sit to remove the metallic taste of the group. You do not need to weigh the final product. shorter will be stronger and longer more acidic.
    The grind will change based on humidity, therefore check it if it goes from damp to dry outside. Use a tiny bit of sugar to enhance the experience.

  • EricWest says:

    I love to enjoy homemade espresso from my cofee machine . With this coffee it makes a hot cup of creme coffee. I only use 1 scoop of coffee grains not the two which it recommends and for my taste this is just right for me.

  • andholt says:

    I typically avoid caffeine before a ride since it’s a diuretic. Always wondered how many people had coffee/espresso before a long ride.

  • Evil E says:

    Nothing like a hot cup of Sanka before a ride…yum!

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