How To Save Money Mountain Biking

Here are some simple tips that’ll keep cash in your pocket

How To Save Money Mountain Biking

Keeping on top of periodic maintenance is a good way to save money down the road.

Mountain biking can be an expensive sport…especially to start out with. But there are ways to save a few bucks. From planning your maintenance ahead of time, to buying second hand and keeping out of the bikepark, there are many ways to save a bit of cash here and there. Press play to check out this video from our friends at the Global Mountain Bike Network for more money saving tips.

Update Sept. 10, 2019:

After this video was originally posted we received lots of great comments and spent some time scouring the forums to see what money-saving techniques you all are using to keep the cranks turning on a budget. Here’s what we found:

Bluecheesehead said: “You can get threaded 16g CO2 cartridges in a box of 30 for $30 on eBay. Buddies are happy to make it a group buy. Safety glasses do work well and can be had in many colors. Menards often has 40g Thinsulate work gloves for $5 that are high viz. Great for 40 degree road or MTB rides. They work down to 20 or less in my Bar Mitts. A fork mount bike rack, like Kuat Dirtbag, mounted to my hitch haul makes a great way to haul my fatty and a deer, or cooler of beer. Home brew chain lube and tire sealant save some $$$ My biggest savings have been by finding quality, near new, used bikes. I saved $3,000 on my Otso.”

HerrKaLeun recommended: “Riding more saves money. When I don’t ride I’m here on the forum and think about all the upgrades I NEED to be able to ride. While not riding I perceive all kinds of fitting and gearing problems I need to fix. If I don’t ride soon, I actually buy those upgrades. But when I ride, I totally forget about that perceived problem that upgrade is supposed to fix and decide to not buy it.”

Harold said: “Spending the least amount of money is not always (usually is not) the best way to save money. I will gladly spend more money for a product that will last longer or function better than the cheapest option. Saving money has 2 components. Amount and frequency. Frequency is a much larger component of that. Midpriced usually offers the best balance of purchase price and durability. Unless you’re buying something used/refurbished, ebay is not where you go to “save money”, it’s where you go to buy cheap shit and pretend to save money.

Example: I buy chain lube in bulk bottles. I think I last bought chain lube 4 or 5yrs ago. Cost – negligible at this point.”

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What are your top ways to save money on mountain biking? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Bob Oh says:

    I had to stop about 30 seconds into the video. Too painful to listen to. Did the British take the letter “t” out of the English language? I didn’t know that there is an “f” in the word “with”. What happened to the British? They can’t even pronounce their native tongue properly.

  • albert says:

    1) ride smoother trails on a hard tail 29er same experience as riding full suspension on chunky trail.
    2) try single speed, ridgid

    only ongoing expense: chain $11 every 8months, brake pads $5 set last 1yr (dry weather), have not worn out a tire, they get slashed first.

  • stevedzurilla says:

    How do you save money if you always need the Primo Nugs?

  • horowitz says:

    save money! mtbr and cycling industry is jamming the air waves with “modern” tech, geo, … try single speed , it is not as hard as you may imagine.

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