How To: Top tips from Sho-Air/Cannondale XC racers

Pro riders talk skill building, on-the-bike fueling and favorite workouts

How To
Evelyn Dong in action.

Evelyn Dong in action. (click to enlarge)

Mtbr: How do you fuel on the bike?
Marco Fontana: When I go for long distance, I eat a lot—sandwiches with cheese, honey, ham, or jam. And I drink a lot. Afterwards, I like Red Bull because it really gives me a little spark.

Max Plaxton: I don’t tend to eat much riding and I rarely ride over four hours. I do use drink mix in my bottles with proper electrolytes and bit of sugar. If I eat, it’s usually something simple like a fruit and nut bar, and maybe a protein bar.

The Sho-Air/Cannondale Professional mountain bike racing team.

The Sho-Air/Cannondale Professional mountain bike racing team.

Keegan Swenson: If it’s a longer ride, then I fuel with GU hydration tabs in my bottles and a mix of regular food (like peanut butter and jelly and rice cakes) and some Honey Stinger waffles. If it is a shorter more intense ride I use GU hydration mix in my bottles and GU energy chews for food, because they are easy on the stomach and they are also quite tasty.

Stephen Ettinger: When I am training, I try to stick to real food and focus on hydration in my bottle. The Honey Stinger bars are my favorite right now; but it’s really about what I am craving. Sometimes that means fruit, cookies, or even boiled potatoes with sea salt and olive oil. Eating frequently, in small bites works best for me. I use a pretty similar strategy for racing, but I keep the food lighter, typically getting down a GU energy chew every 10 minutes and hydrating well.

Evelyn Dong: For long intervals, I take down a few GU energy chews. For endurance rides, I bring lemon Honey Stinger waffles or make “panwiches” (leftover pancakes with honey drizzled in the middle). Really long rides usually involve a stop at a gas station for some coke or a pop tart.

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