Hydrapak Integrates Shape-Shift Reservoir Into 2012 Line

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07.06.2011– July 6, 2011 (Oakland, Calif.) – Hydrapak, a premium supplier of active lifestyle hydration equipment, is pleased to introduce the Shape-Shift™ Reservoir for 2012, a revolutionary engineered drink system with virtually universal brand and pack compatibility; providing a true advantage for consumers upgrading or enhancing their hydration ready packs.
“TheShape-Shift™ was created to address the need for a reservoir that could maintain shape control, while still offering an easy cleaning feature,” said Hydrapak President Matt Lyon, “Whether they’re using the Shape-Shift™ for big-wall climbing, off-piste skiing, single-track riding or trail running, active outdoor athletes will appreciate the balance and utility offered by the reservoir. It’s a big leap for hydration management and should enhance our customers’ sense of security in taking on challenging activities while staying hydrated.”
The patent-pending Shape-Shift™ Reservoir, available in a 100-ounce and 70-ounce model, is constructed with an interior form-supporting Snap-Zip™ baffle which enhances the structural integrity of the reservoir, without giving up the trademark cleaning features that Hydrapak is known for.


Zipping the baffle flaps together controls the shape of the reservoir, making it easier to slide in and out of the backpack, while reducing sloshing and improving backpack ventilation. Disengaging the baffle then allows for greater carrying capacity as well as the ability to reverse the reservoir for cleaning.

The Shape-Shift™ Reservoir also features a stronger, easier to grip Superslider closure system with a built-in handle for easy attachment; a Straight-Shot Plug-N-Play to accommodate standard inserts used by filtration companies; and a Hydraflex Tube for improved kink-resistance and better draping.




The Shape-Shift™ will be featured prominently in the Hydrapak booth (#7010) at Outdoor Retailer, anchoring an ambitious new Point of Purchase component stand and tray. The POP set-up will be available to retail partners this summer, and features a dozen Shape-Shift™ reservoirs in 3L and 2L sizes; surge valves and tube brushes; replacement tubes, clips and tube kits; and Straight-Shot Plug-n-Play sets. The reservoir will be featured in four packs within Hydrapak’s 2012 line- the Morro, Jolla, Laguna and Big Sur and available to all OE Partners.






About Hydrapak

Created in 2001,Hydrapak,the originators of innovative and advanced hands-free fluid delivery systems, was introduced to satisfy the growing demand from athletes for personal hydration systems. Hydrapak produces a lineup of custom built hydration backpacks, reservoirs, and bottles for a variety of sports, including biking, hiking and running. Hydrapak is also an OEM for top manufacturers specializing in consumer, commercial and military purposes. To view all packs, bottles and accessories visit www.hydrapak.com or call 510.632.8318.

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