Ibis Cycles Launches New Carbon S-Wheels & Rims

Collaboration with Stan’s NoTubes - Ibis improves impact resistance, ride quality, and reduces weight.

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Ibis has a very successful wheelset product with the wide 942 wheelset with 35mm internal width launched a few years ago. It was what the industry pursued at the time, wide rims to isolate sidewall support from air pressure. But the wheels where a bit stiff for some tastes and they were a bit wide for the lighter bikes in the line-up like the new Ripley. Ibis has answered with a new wheelset in collaboration with Stan’s NoTubes.

Nearly twenty years ago, Stan’s NoTubes pioneered the first modern tubeless system, and they’ve never stopped innovating. One of their key technologies is BST or Bead Socket Technology. BST rims not only have shorter sidewall, but their profile helps make tire setup easy and improves the performance of tubeless tires. Working together, Stan’s and Ibis were able to adopt the patented drop-channel geometry to an asymmetric rim. Working together, Stan’s and Ibis were able to adopt the patented drop-channel geometry to an asymmetric rim. Light, strong and supple is what they tout to have achieved with this wheelset.

According to Ibis CEO Hans Heim, “The collaboration with Stan’s brings the advantages of Patented Stan’s BST to our wide, strong and light asymmetric rims, significantly improving the impact resistance and ease of tire mounting”.

Low Profile = Stronger: 

Smoother on average, Ibis states its new carbon wheels are 9% better at resisting impacts than it’s outgoing wheels, while also being lighter. Ibis has been secretly testing them under its EWS team this season and after three grueling rounds,  claimed yet to see a broken wheel. 

Toughened Hybrid Carbon:

Part of the new Ibis X Stans formula is Toughened Hybrid Carbon. The name comes from the combination of resin materials used in Ibis carbon layup to achieve the right ride feel and strength. The blend is proprietary toughened resin in the bead-wall, which allows it to flex and shrug off impacts while keeping the tire in place.

Asymmetric Rim:

Another key feature is the asymmetric design. Instead of the spoke holes being drilled through the center of the rim, they’re slightly offset. Doing this allows Ibis to improve the bracing angle of the spokes. Because the rims are so wide, the offset is much larger than normal. The larger offset allows the builder to tension both sides of the wheels nearly equally, which results in a stronger and more durable wheelset


The new S35 wheels are available now on complete bikes. S28 rims and wheels will be shipping later this summer. Both S35 and S28 wheels and rims will be available aftermarket later this year.


Ibis past wheels used the external width measurement to identify them – to simplify things, they are now using the internal rim width to differentiate between models. The S28 has a 28mm (technically 28.6mm) internal rim width, while the S35 has a 35mm internal rim width. 
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$1800; I9 build: Industry Nine’s new Hydra Hubs and bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes

$1300: Ibis Logo wheels: Utilize an in house hub, rolling on high-quality Enduro bearings – laced with double butted Sapim D-Light spokes.

They’re also available as an upgrade to any build kit Ibis offers;  $1,300 for I9 build and $900 for the Ibis Logo wheelset.

For more info ibiscycles.com

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