In the Queue: A look at what’s new in Mtbr’s review hopper

New gear from Ibis, Garmin, Pearl Izumi, TOGS, Ellsworth, Kitsbow and more

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Here’s a look at some of the new bikes and gear in our review queue this week…

2015 Ibis Tranny 29
Ibis Tranny Belt Drive

The versatile Ibis Tranny 29 hardtail can be built up as a geared or single speed, with chain drive or belt drive. The Angry Singlespeeder built his as the latter and gives us his thoughts next week.

Garmin Edge 1000 Cycle Computer
Gamin Edge 1000 computer

We’ve long been fans of Garmin’s GPS cycle computer offerings, but have to wonder if the latest version—the Edge 1000—has jumped the shark in terms of features, size and price. We’ve got one eye down the trail and one on the dashboard as we evaluate this technology-packed new(ish) model.

Pearl Izumi MTB WRX Jacket
PI Jacket

Just in time for cool-weather riding season, Colorado-based Pearl Izumi just sent over its new MTB WRX Jacket, which is claimed to be wind and water resistant. We’ll put that to the test soon, but already we’re impressed with how easily it packs inside a hydration pack, and the vented hood that fits overtop your helmet.

Thumb-Over-Grip System (TOGS)
Thumb-Over-Grip System

Though the bar-end went out of fashion some time ago, the Mtbr Fourms are full of threads where riders are looking for additional hand positions. The new Thumb-Over-Grip System (TOGS) takes a novel, minimalist run at the problem and just might have the simple, lightweight option long-haul XC riders are looking for.

2015 Ellsworth Epiphany

The 140mm-travel Ellsworth Epiphany seeks to bridge the gap between XC and enduro with its climbing prowess and active downhill performance. The ‘Piph likes it rough…and after we’re done flogging it, we’ll let you know how it does.

Kitsbow A/M Ventilated Shorts and Jersey
Kitsbow MTB Shorts and Jersey

Kitsbow is all about fit, materials and features. This well-conceived kit is well ventilated indeed with several mesh panels that are stealthily integrated into the materials. Other features include a locking main button, pockets that don’t get in the way of the hydration pack or pedaling.

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  • Liberty555 says:

    I’m sure I saw a broken bike once that looked just like the Ellsworth…

  • Jimmy says:

    Except who wants a iPhone anyway, and on their bars in any case.

    • Veloscente says:

      Actually, that’s exactly the point: Garmin is trying to sell us devices BIGGER AND MORE EXPENSIVE than smartphones and telling us to strap them on our bars, right in harm’s way. (iPhone or Android take your pick, I’m platform agnostic. Question is
      Giant, $700, color, touch-screen Garmins are simply idiotic. They may edge out a smartphone for long-stretch navigation on the road, but I’m at a loss to imagine why anyone who isn’t touring a lot would buy one.
      A Garmin 500 has the perfect footprint for the bars, and a tough LCD, not a fragile touchscreen. I’ve crashed mine hard, dozens of times and it’s still going strong.
      Garmin needs to focus its development energy on impact-resistent, bike-computer-sized devices that offer robust, on-the-bars navigation features at a reasonable price. Instead, they dumb-down the 500-series to try and get people to “upgrade” to bloated cows like the 1000. This approach will come back to haunt them as smartphone batteries improve.

      • Andrew says:

        Sold all my garmin products… iPhone 6 with Barometric sensor and much more powerful processor takes the lead by a large margin. Navigation is quite a bit easier on iPhone as well.

  • Veloscente says:

    Oh, and Garmin’s devices still can’t intelligently auto-connect with the different Garmin sensors on my various bikes.
    Garmin, are you listening? Do you actually use your product? Riders don’t need bluetooth, they need a computer they can just turn on and ride, regardless of which bike they chose: being forced through 10 separate steps to change bike settings before EVERY ride is the #1 reason I’ll be leaving Garmin the second a better option comes along.

  • MJ says:

    Is the bottle cage on the Ellsworth a joke? It looks like it would barely hold a coke can.

  • Loewadie hoendersadie into the baadie says:

    So much hate….tisk tisk

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